tail waggin' good time...

i did not take a single picture of asher's first birthday party. 

not a single one. 

mom of the year award here.

it was super cute, and i have no pictures to prove it to you.

i thought about redecorating the tables so i could prove it to you. 

but that seemed a little excessive.

truth is, i was so busy prepping food, and making cupcakes, that i forgot about the camera.  then i was so busy flitting around socializing with all the people i don't always get to see, that i didn't have time to take pictures. 

i left the picture taking to the professional, and in turn, have nothing to show you here... you can head on over to my mother in law's blog at http://www.booshay.blogspot.com/ and check out my cutest-ever-in-the-whole-wide-world son, and pictures from the day (also my new short hair, which i am still loving and my husband is still not loving, by the way)... but here i've got nothing.

more later...


  1. your haircut is almost as adorable as that son of yours (saw the photos on the link you provided)! don't worry, we all know he's a tough act to follow ;)

  2. tell matthew it's a good thing it's not your hair.

  3. Axelle the french reader10:29

    I don't have any pictures from my children, during their 5 first Xmas ...
    Sorry, but I will challenge too for the best mom of the century ... ;D !

  4. Don't feel too badly. Our Bennett is only a few months ahead of Asher and I only have a few of him and his Mom before the party started and a few of the decor....too busy when the party was in full swing to get too many!! LOVE seeing Asher on Donna's posts and can't believe how big he has gotten!

  5. Sarah Scott08:53

    Hey, you delegated! That's the #1 trick of all the best moms! :) Can't wait to go see the pics!


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