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did you know you can find me on twitter?  you can!


i was very skeptical of twitter to begin with.  i started and quit a couple times before it clicked.  now, i happen to find twitter super fun.  i don't follow a lot of celebrities, i don't have much important to say... but you can hop on over there and follow me, and get more updates there than you can get here.  140 characters at a time is easier to keep up than a whole blog.  and i also tweet the occasional picture of my most precious baby boy.

i have been wasting hours of my days over on pinterest.

here are my boards. 

if you have not been over to pinterest yet... you really must.  it is the absolute best way to waste time on the internet. 

if you don't know what it is; it is a sort of virtual 'pinboard'.  if you see something you love while searching the internet, you can 'pin it' to a pin board.  you can create any boards you want.  really like chickens? you can pin all your chicken love to one board.  have a hankerin for bacon? you can pin all your favorite bacon recipes to one board.  you can follow friends or strangers and see what they are pinning, you can also view the most popular pins that anyone is pinning on pinterest. 

i have found great recipes, design ideas, and lusted after many fashions i could not even come close to squeezing my butt into.  i have found inspiring words, funny posters, and lots of good housekeeping tips.

seriously, i can get lost in pinterest for hours.  it is the funnest thing i do on the internet.  so head on over and sign up!  follow me, and let the pinning fun begin!


  1. I knew you would love Pinterest!!! You are so good at it! Tons of pins!! I love this new background!


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