thank you for all your love and support and kind comments!

i survived my first weekend of class.

i am not the oldest person in class, i am not the only working mother, i didn't snicker at anyone else, and nobody snickered at me.  some did snicker at the teacher, which in my second time around at college i find terribly immature and slightly offensive.  i quickly distanced myself from those people.

i got a 96.6% on my tests on sunday.  i feel like i am cramming a lot of stuff into my head at once.  i was exhausted saturday night, and couldn't wait to change into sweats and sit on the couch with my buddy's on sunday night. 

the middle of the night sunday i started feeling... yuck.  i spent the next 18 hours racing to the bathroom for various reasons (aren't you glad you read my blog and get to hear all the disgusting details of my life?) asher had a dr appontment monday that we would obviously not make... it appears this switching from formula and bottle to milk and cup is not that easy.  he hates milk (but will drink all the water and iced tea he can get his hands on) and developed thrush.  the dr was sceptical over the phone, but called in a prescriptionanyway, since i was obviously in no state to take him in.  my sweet mama made the long drive into town again to help take care of me and asher. 

i wondered how single moms do it.  any of it.  school, work, daycare, being ill; i could not do this on my own.   i am so grateful for my husband and my family.  today and always.

and i will be really glad when this 6 weeks is over...



  1. Anonymous09:05

    Interesting that your son doesn't like milk & your husband doesn't like creamy things! Even though she likes it, we don't give our baby milk, as it is bad for most people anyway. Maybe Asher has been reading the reports on dairy ;)


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