top 10 reasons i love my husband... today.

1.  he still does the dishes.  everyday.  so i don't have to.  because i hate to.

2.  when talking to asher, he refers to us as momma-girl and daddy-boy.  it makes me giggle, and is so sweet.

3.  he changes poopy diapers.  true, he may try to pawn it off on me first... but when i give him the blank stare he picks the baby back up and does it himself.

4.  the other day asher was sleeping soundly on his daddy's chest.  when i asked him if he wanted me to go put him in his crib, he just shook his head.  "pretty soon he will be too big to sleep on me." he replied.  he loves his son fiercely.

5.  on days i work all day, he helps me make dinner.  or makes it all by himself.  he doesn't mind if we eat frozen pizza or mcdonalds drive through on those days.  he doesn't complain that i am not doing my job as a wife and a mother, even though i kinda am not.

6.  on our fabulous day off on friday where we could do anything we wanted to do, he sat with me while i emptied the dvr of all the shows i had missed over the previous week in wisconsin.  he didn't complain about watching all the trashy reality tv shows that i love so much.  he just sat in his recliner and watched with me as the morning turned to afternoon.

7.  he will almost always choose a family night in over a guys night out.  he is a family man.  i love that he is a family man.  i love that he loves us the most. 

8.  he adjusted his schedule at work so i could return to work part time without putting the buddy in day care.  for 3 hours a day, he has asher all to himself, and he loves it.  and i love it, even if the baby does laugh for his daddy during that time and no other. 
9.  he plays just dance on the wii.  neither of us can dance.  and seeing him move makes me laugh hysterically.  he doesn't take it personally, he just moves goofier.

10.  when i forget to tell him to his face how much i love him, how much he means to me, he will read my blog and accept this as an adequate appreciation and thank you. 

   pictures by donna... as per usual.


  1. Karen F.18:44

    oh how sweet Melinda. It is so obvious that you and Matthew were made for each other!

    This kind post that you wrote, reminds me to tell my hard working, loving husband that I love and appreciate him. After 26 years of marriage, I tend to forget to let him know how much I appreciate him and how thankful I am that he loves us and works so hard for our family.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. This is truly beautiful and just makes a single girl like me "want one of those" all the more.

    Happy for you!

  3. I love this. I just might steal it. The blog idea, not Matthew! Haha.

  4. As a single's hard not to be selfish...and for a married man, I'm sure it's even tougher. He is the epitome of a man. Loves his family first. That is how we're supposed to do it. Way to be are truly an example for me.

  5. Minna~ you make me smile:) Love you, tons! Oh, and I love Matthew too:)

  6. Axelle the french reader13:59

    I try... I love this post, Melinda Sue. It's a very beautiful "déclaration d'amour".

  7. Axelle the french reader14:01

    Why ? When ? For how long ???? I don't know but I do it again : Melinda, I can comment on your blog !! Yes ! Yes !!
    "... I'll be back ..."

  8. AXELLE!!!! so glad it worked for you again!

  9. Beautiful sentiments, Melinda, as per usual!


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