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part three is coming tomorrow...

until then...

we were very scared about labor and delivery. we were less scared about bringing home baby.

turns out my unplanned labor and delivery, made bringing home baby a little more difficult.

it is the hardest thing i have ever done. taking a shower is an accomplishment, and when matthew comes home and asks, "what did you guys do today?" and my reply is "oh... um... nothing." he looks at me a little confused.

i can't explain to him how it is the hardest thing i have done, and how just feeding him takes up my entire day. he doesn't understand how hard it is to get up and go to the bathroom, yet alone start a load of laundry, clean the counter, or give the baby bath.

and yet this place is perfectly comfortable. a tiny bit dirty and smelly, but happy. and being peed and pooped on, and not having time to shower, or any occasion to wear a bra... is okay by me.

just seeing his sweet face, is all it takes to remind me how blessed i am... how perfect this life really is.

and makes me wonder, how i will ever be able to leave this little guy. my buddy. my heart and soul. just seeing his face, reminds me that this is where i am meant to be.


  1. Anonymous15:10

    Melinda Sue, you are doing the most important things right now! Asher just does not take a bad picture! He is gorgeous and you are a great photographer. Thank you for the pictures. Makes me really excited seeing Asher's pictures and thinking about our new soon to be grandchild that is coming in November.

    love and prayers,

  2. gina15:17

    He is gorgeous...
    My baby is 14, and it's still hard to leave him....

    Having a child is like having part of your heart walk outside your body....

    Enjoy each and every day....

    And you are not doing nothing -
    You are doing the most important job in the world....

  3. Love poured out is never wasted.

    Asher is so blessed to have parents who adore him.

    A picture a day would be nice.

  4. Melinda, your little boy is just so beautiful. What a perfect baby. Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the rest of your labor/delivery story too!

  5. Janice22:16

    he is an angel baby...so beautiful!!

  6. don't go back to work! i wish you could stay at home w/little asher as long as you please. if it means conceiving a child to send to your daycare, i'll take one for the team.

  7. Anonymous00:24

    He's beautiful, Melinda.

  8. preach it, holly.
    :) now THAT's commitment!!

  9. You are doing a great job! He is so precious. I remember those early days with each child. The first few weeks are like a blur. Remember to sleep when the baby sleeps!

  10. ps - that green striped outfit? PERFECT.

  11. Jennifer21:42

    I love him and you! I wish I was there!

  12. steph, i had to run out and buy him so new clothes... he is too little for all his clothes. i bought all one piecers.

    jen, i love you. can't wait for you to meet him someday!

  13. Anonymous06:30

    Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?


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