baby's day out...

we had a big day today.

7am... baby wakes up, and is starving.  it had been 6 1/2 hours since he last ate.  he sleeps really well through the night.  he got a clean diaper, and ate... ate a lot.

8am... hold refrigerator door open, trying to decide what quick thing i can grab for breakfast.  settle on a coke.

8:30am... baby and mom both really need to be bathed.  i drag the baby papasan into the bathroom and put a happy smiling baby in it.  i wish i could hold him and play with him while he is awake... but i get in the shower instead.

9am... baby asher gets his first, real, i get to soak under the water, bathno more sponge baths for this big guy.   at first he looks like he might cry.  i wonder if this was such a good idea.  then he smiles and throws his head back into the water.  much easier than a sponge bath.  i wrap the sweet boy up in his frog towel and cuddle him close to me.  fresh washed babies smell the best.  i could cuddle him all day long.

9:30am... i decide to feed buddy a little early... we have some place to be in 30 minutes.  i send a quick text to tell them i may be a little late, and feed him again.  he is a bottomless pit.  he would be perfectly content if i was topless all day, and he could just attach himself to me.  this would be potentially problematic if anyone else was around.

10am... i quickly slap on a little make-up, and make sure i have all the necessary baby supplies in the diaper bag.  i drag the yet unused stroller down the stairs to the trunk of my car, and change a really full poopy diaper.

10:30am... we are on our way out the door, for our first big day out.  a trip to the "kids sale" consignemnt sale at the indoor soccer fields, and out to lunch with my college "stay at home mom" friends.  asher fell asleep after 2 minutes in the car.   

11am...we are only an hour later than we were supposed to be, and a half an hour later than we said we would be... hey.  at least we got there.  we rummaged through racks and racks and racks of slightly used baby clothes, and settled on a few outfits, and 2 sleeved fleece blanket sleepers.  i hit the motherload and found a huge lot of duplos for sale.  that made my day.  jesse and i loved duplos.  it was sweltering in there, and i sweated my brains out.  baby boy just slept away.  4 girls, and 6 kids traveled to burger king and occupied an entire section of the restaurant, no other guest was brave enough to enter.

2pm... we arrive back home, for just a minute.  buddy was still fast asleep, this day tuckered him out i think.  i woke him up, he must be starving.  the second he opened his eyes he started to wail... i couldnt feed him fast enough.  he ate and ate and ate, and fell asleep for just a minute.

3:15pm... matthew comes home form work, and rushes us out the door.  we have a 3:30 dr appointment to make.

3:30pm... we check in, and sit.  i pick the little booger up, and we stare at each other.  he smiles everyitme i kiss his face. matthew sifts through the shelves of childrens books.  we have been to the pediatrician 4 times since we came home form the hospital.  3 times out 4, we sit next to the same mom and daughter in the "well child" waiting room.  weird.

4pm... we are finally called back to the room.  they apologize.  asher is stripped and weighed... this is the big event for this appointment.  he was not back to his birth weight by his 2 week appointment, they want to make sure he is gaining weight okay.  i am nervous.  i can't tell if he is getting enough to eat, or getting bigger.  8lbs 3oz.  i can breathe a sigh of relief.  he gained 11 ounces in 9 days.  better than perfect.  above his birth weight by 7 ounces.  perfect.  i am not failing at feeding at my son.  i feel good.  giddy even.  we wait for another 20 minutes for the dr.  we can hear him next door talking to a mother who keeps asking a hundred questions.  we wonder at how much patience you must have to be a pediatrician.  the dr comes in, and gives us big smiles and looks over our precious baby.  he says he looks good.  we are relived, and dress the little guy and get back on the road.

5:10pm... we are finally home again.  in for the night.  buddy is hungry, and daddy is hungry, and mom is ready for a nap.

this was a big day out for baby.  heck, this was a big day out for mom.  to bed early tonight.  and tomorrow, i think we'll enjoy a nice day in.  


  1. Anonymous02:19

    yay! I'm always excited to see an update. Glad your busy day out went so well and that Asher gained some weight. Great job on the nursing...did you hear about the formula recall? They found larvae and beetles in Similac formula. If that's not enough to inspire a mom to breastfeed, I don't know what is!

  2. Aww, what a sweet post! Congrats on your big day out...that was a lot packed into one day. Sounds like your little buddy is enjoying life and his mama and daddy. "Better than perfect" indeed!

  3. That is a lot for one day!

    Did you tell Matthew my brilliant idea of going to the backyard for a change of scenery?

  4. He's such a cutie, M - what a great play-by-play. I so remember those early days when any thing actually ACCOMPLISHED was a major victory! :) Been praying for you every day.

    Stephie, whose 4 formula-raised-babies are perfectly fine. :)

  5. Anonymous17:07

    Sounds like a fun day: out with friends and a great Dr.'s appointment! Personally I always felt like the day was good if I just got out of my robe with our first baby.
    love and prayers, jep

  6. it is a great day if i get out of pj's! today i made it to that milestone by about 3pm.

  7. yes, but did you take a shower?!?! :) i remember very long shower-free stretches that probably added to my malaise...

  8. Awwww...I could read this post over and over again. I have 4 kiddos now, and wow, I didn't know how much I missed those first few days home alone with my first baby. Just so sweet. I remember the exhaustion, yet feeling so accomplished by getting us both clean, only to lay around and feed him the rest of the day. The sweetness of that came through so well in this post. Enjoy him--though I can tell you are!!

    --Jolie (one of Miz Boo's daily readers)

  9. steph, showers are overrated.

  10. someone said that they could read this post over and over again.

    well, I have.


    hope you guys are well! can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!!



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