the worst...

last night i fell asleep at 8 oclock. 8. i took a 2 hour nap. from 8-10. i could then not sleep all night.

so this morning, needless to say... i am feeling... well... terrible. the worst.

yesterday over at holly's blog i spotted her list of "worst 4"

and i liked it. because i like to complain, and this gives me a reason to complain.

and since today i am feeling the worst, i think i will just continue my day with "the worst"...

worst 4 smells:
sweaty pre-teens
burning sugar
the feed lot on the way to my parents... it seriously makes me lightheaded.

worst 4 tastes (that i've tried this far):
bananas. they are from the devil, sent here to destroy me. this doe snto include banana bread.
liver. i think i would feel the same about any internal organ. but liver is the only one my mother has forced me to try.

worst 4 touches:
peach fuzz, like on an actual peach... makes my teeth hurt to touch it.
dog slobber, or any slobber.
dust and dirt on any surface

worst 4 sights:
plumbers crack. 'nuff said
a bright colored thong under white pants
kids with dirty faces and snarled hair in public.
a porta-potty

worst 4 sounds:
chewing noises
chomping gum
any mouth noises
the next door neighbors dogs. bark their bloody heads off everytime we step into the backyard.

hope your hump day is filled with no "worst's" and only great things... play along in the comments if you'd like.


  1. so you hate twizzlers apparently? we've all got our weird things.

    porta-potty: that's a worst smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound. good call.

    and i HATE dog slobber. this is the reason i'm not a fan of lancey.

  2. Sherrie Ann21:38

    You better like baby/kid slobber pretty quick! I agree on most of the other things though =}

  3. smells come easiest for me to think of...

    porta potty. I would rather die than go in one.
    burnt toast or popcorn

    worst sights...

    my own body. it's horrifying.
    thongs showing
    icky goat-like toenails
    a negative number in bank balance

  4. smells:

    ~ barf, in the middle of the night all over my boy's sheets. ~ money, I think I'm allergic to the ink. I went to the national treasury for a tour and my nose ran the whole entire tour. And they won't let you sneak off to the bathroom and get some tissue. ~ Skunk

    Recently my 8 year old's broken arm, and the pain he had to go through to set it, not once but twice. That is something I never want to see again, or either of my babies physically hurt. Yikes. ~ Dead birds or animals on the side of the road. ~ My husband's bags getting packed to deploy, or his back as he walks through security leaving us.

    ~I am totally with you on the mouth noises. Please, everyone, chew with your mouth closed. ~ Anyone singing or playing an instrument off pitch. ~ Empty plastic bottles being manipulated so they pop and crack inside my car while I am driving. This drives me insane faster than most anything.

    touches? hmm, fire ants biting my feet and then the pain of those bites later. ~ spider webs ~ dirt on the floor under my bare feet.

  5. Anonymous10:37

    I'm SO with you on the peach fuzz. I have to peel peaches before eating them, and I have to wet the skin before peeling it.

    Also, Red Vines are way better than Twizzlers.

    I hope this day passes quickly for you and you can get some rest soon!


  6. donna, you're hilarious:

    "worst sights...

    my own body. it's horrifying."

    it could always be worse.


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