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stolen from miz boo...

1. One thing on your nightstand? 3 hair ties and 5 bobby pins.

2. One thing on a wall in your living room? framed print of van gogh almond branches in bloom that holly bought us when we moved in.

3. Three things we would find in your medicine cabinet? tylenol, toothbrush heads, lots of half used bottles of lotion and potions.

4. Do your dirty dishes go in the sink or dishwasher? i set them by the sink, matthew puts them in the dishwasher for me. dirty dishes are my nemesis.

5. Maker of your everyday dinnerware? corelle. it was a wedding gift to my parents. i love those dishes, it is like my childhood.

6. Maker of your fine china? ha. that's funny. our "fancy" dishes are sango... wedding gifts from our registry at bed bath and beyond.

7. If you had to save one “thing” from your home, what would it be? matthew says his tv. i think i would save... after hours of deliberation, assuming my family is safe, i can't think of anything i have that i couldn't live without.

8. Color your living room sofa? pink. yum.

9. What reading material would we find in your bathroom? whatever sports magazine my husband took in there and forgot to carry out with him. reading material in the bathroom gives me the heebies.

10. Most embarrassing thing in your home that you hide when guests come over? our bedroom door gets closed. our bedroom is embarrassing, we don't like to put away clothes. weird that i am not ashamed to admit that on the world wide web, but in real life i would be mortified if you saw my room.

now i have a few questions for you...

1. how do you treat a bee sting? matthew got a bee sting yesterday, and the fever and swelling around the area has me a little nervous. i dont think there is a stinger in there, it wasn't a bumble bee.

2. how will i know the difference between real labor, and normal "i'm 9 months pregnant" pain? what does it feel like?

3. what can i do to coerse this baby out of me? have you heard of any of those old wives tales actually working?

4. what is the best excuse you have either used or heard, when calling into work? we get some real doozies at my job... i don't know how people can do it.

life continues... just matthew and me and my pregnant belly and our tv and our grilled chicken dinners. just as it should be. now, if only that pregnant belly wasn't in that list... it would be perfect.


  1. I hope little Asher comes soon for you guys! I treat bee stings with a paste of meat tenderizer and water. It softens the skin and lets the stinger cone out if it's still in there. Then a little peroxide and neosporine. Bee stings...yuck!

  2. Matthew has always gotten big welts. His mosquito bites were epic.

    I have never heard of a method that works for making babies come out.

    Real labor starts like menstrual cramps. And they can be timed. And you will have a little bloody mucus and maybe even diarrhea.

    Nice. Sorry.

    I saw TWO of the best baby stories this week.

    On lady gave birth to a 10 lb 11 oz boy.
    She wants more.

    And yesterday this woman delivered her baby in a tub, by herself. It was amazing.

    Why not plan to come and visit us this weekend.
    Then the baby will come.

  3. Tawny08:58

    I have horrible reactions to bug bites and stings. If it is really swollen and itchy I take Benadryl. I also like to treat the itch site with Hydrocortisone (sp?) Cream I buy at any pharmacy. Do not go out in the sun with the cream - it can bleach/discolor your skin.

    I do not have kids but my best friend just did and she said you will definitely know when you are in labor and she had "intimate time" with the Hubby to get her baby to come out.

    Also - my husband said he had a coworker leave the other day for hiccups. What?! Apparently the guy said he had never had them before and he became nervous that it was a permanent condition.

    : )

  4. I get 6-inch welts for mosquito bites. and they love me. figures. nasty business. at night i take benadryl, and put cortizone cream on them... seems to help.

    as to coercing labor? hot spicy food. that's what i've always heard.


    at the very least, it's an excuse to eat mexican food.

  5. Leslie in SD09:58

    Bee sting: Benadryl, hydro. cream or aloe for the itchy part.

    Labor pains: When you think "This isn't so bad.", then it's NOT real labor. Seriously, you will be fine. The reward at the end of labor is SO worth it.

    To coax baby out: I was told to walk. I didn't have swollen ankles or other issues so this wasn't a problem. My "old world" German m-i-l would tell you to take cod liver oil. I will NOT tell you that! YUK!

  6. Anonymous10:22

    Hi, I read Donna's blog and have recently been to her workshop. I can answer a couple of your questions.

    For the bee sting I would recommend activated charcoal. You buy it at a healthfood coop. It comes in a capsule form but, you will open up the capsules and make a paste with water. You only need a little water...make it nice and pastey and then rub it on the bee sting site with a q-tip and place a bandage of some type or a wet paper towel over the area. Leave it on for a few hours and then look at the area. The charcoal draws the "poison" out. They use charcoal in the hospital when someone has taken an overdose to get the drugs out of the system. It can also be taken internally with plenty of water if you have an upset stomach. It works really well. My son-in-law was bitten by a leech earlier this summer and had a nasty reaction, we put the charcoal on for a couple of days and it was amazing how the inflammation and redness came down.

    To begin labor I know a massage therapist that said there is a place near your ankle, on the inside of your foot, that if your massage there your labor will begin. You want to do press like a good massage, not just a gentle rub, if that makes sense. I'm not sure how to describe the exact place, but just rub around that area, there is a kind of pressure point there and see if that works. You can always try cod liver oil, too, but that will have other effects that you will not want. lol

  7. 1. Benadryl. Gel on the skin or take a few tablets.
    2.'ll just know. Sorry. I know it's not a good answer.
    3. Go to some kind of food festival where you can eat and walk around all day. Then go dancing in the evening.
    4. I can't come in, I'm in jail. Seriously.

  8. Anonymous15:19

    Melinda Sue, I almost left this suggestion a day or two ago. Both times I was pregnant I was so ready to deliver that I just started walking all around the house, in and our of rooms, walking and walking and my labor started that night both times. Only do this if the Dr. has not told you to stay off of your feet. Good luck! And, please don't take cod liver oil, that is not what you want. Believe me, a friend of ours did that and it was not fun at all, plus it tastes really awful!
    love and prayers, jep

  9. Anonymous15:23

    Please please go read today - I think you will enjoy it and be encouraged by her.

  10. Anonymous23:08

    Tobacco or charcoal on the bee sting.

    Don't know about labor; you'll know just a few weeks before me!!

    Apparently, using a breast pump works best on helping to start labor. It releases oxytocin, which is the natural form of pitocin. You can do it manually as well, but, ouch, that just sounds painful...if you're as sensitive as I am at this stage! Also, eat lots of basil or real licorice. It's better than the cod liver oil, clearly!!

    Btw, this is your cousin-in-law, Sarah, Charlie's wife. I think the name comes up as Mrs AZ or something; that's the blog I was making for my friend who holds that title!

    Good luck!!

  11. Trustme, you will know when the labor has started.

    There is nothing you can do to get the labor going. The baby comes when it's ready. However, I have heard that 1. nipple stimulation works, at does 2. s*x (something about the sperm on the cervix) and 3. an internal exam at your next appt, to see if you have started to dilate usually works. #3 worked for me with 5 of my 7pregnancies. Sorry if this is TMI.

  12. Anonymous08:36

    1. Benadryl for the swelling (take the pill form) - vinegar on the sting itself will take away the itching and soothe the area.

    2. When you are really in labor it will feel like intense menstral cramps - and you will feel them in your back, stomach, or both.

    3. WALK alot - if the doctor allows it, this does start up the labor process - so does 'intercourse' ;) I have had 3 boys and went with that advise NOT the oil option-that causes bad effect on the bowels. Yuck!

    4. Best excuse for missing work: Someone said: "having sex - can't come to work". This is also a reason to get fired... :)
    Hope your week-end is great and also hope to read that your baby has arrived - in the near future. Best of luck to you and your hubbie.


  13. toothpaste for the bee sting - really! i learned it years ago in swimming class.

    my whole family was on vacation together many years ago and my grandma got a nasty sting.
    everyone recommended a different aunt, my mom, my grandpa..but none worked. as a last resort she tried the toothpaste & it cleared it right up.

    as for inducing labor? never heard anything other than 'walk around.' still, hope the final moments of your pregnancy go smoothly for you - congratulations :)

  14. Aunt Janice20:02

    a baking soda paste will help the sting, just add enough water so it will spread on the welt

    you might want to google The Bradley Method it is very natural childbirth and they may have some suggestions, I know there is a squatting exercise you can do to lower the baby

    FYI, you are already a mama sweet girl:)

  15. Anonymous21:28

    I feel your pain. My first baby was 9 days late. Finally, did intercourse and started labor within 2 hours. Worth a shot?!


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