done... and done...

the baby room is done. come and see for yourself...

it is filled with books...

and has a fun night light in place for late night changes and feedings...

hiding behind that little night light, is this cute little giraffe from paris, france.

everything is finished and in its place.

the bed is made and waiting...

i wanted bedding and decorations he wouldn't outgrow too quickly. i loved this bedding the first time i saw it.

little boys are made for sports and cars and balls and bugs... his room is filled with all boy things. these pictures are my favorite...

but this one is close behind...

sheets and blankets and burp cloths and clothes all have their place.

the view out the window... is not so great. just the driveway, and the house across the street.

this is the first outfit we bought, the day we found out he was a he. it is so tiny i am afraid he will not be able to wear it but once. we will bring him home from the hospital in this. it is laid out on the changing table.

thanks for the changing table!

the shelves are filled with all important baby things...

diapers and powder and baby lotion and wash. diaper cream and binkeys and nail clippers and an ear thermometer. diapers are stacked and wipes are open and ready.

the chair is set into place (thanks to a friend of matt's who generously passed it along to us), the boppy sits in the corner waiting for use.

and this beautiful blanket made with love by my best friend lizzie can't wait to be used.

mr piggy bank is waiting patiently to be filled with pennies and nickels and dimes and quarters and hundred dollar bills. no... really... hundred dollar bills would be really helpful... and look at that pig, who wouldn't want to throw a few in there?


  1. Anonymous09:29

    It looks beautiful, Melinda. I wish I could rewind time to when I was expecting my first (now 17).
    I will be praying for an easy healthy birth!

  2. did you hear my gasps of wonder and glory from here?!?!?!?!? what an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME room. he will be received with SO MUCH LOVE.. i'm thrilled for you!!


  3. LOVE all the pictures. Yay for a new camera.
    You be careful with that camera now, will ya!?

    Absolutely love Asher's room.

  4. Anonymous16:59

    What a darling room! And, what GREAT photos! Makes me think of the room in the book, Goodnight Moon. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for an easy, healthy and happy birth for you and Asher.
    love and prayers, jep

  5. Oh my adorable...and brings back such fond memories of waiting for my first to arrive!!

  6. Jennifer22:15

    Perfect! It looks wonderful! You guys did a great job. I can't wait to meet him! Love you!

  7. looks great! i really love that alphabet picture we saw that day at target. i also love your box of books. asher is already a very spoiled boy.

  8. thanks for all the love and oohs and ahhs.

    holly, i raided my childrens books in my parents basement.

  9. gina10:58

    Wheeee! Fantastic room :)

  10. The room is just perfect! You did such a nice job and it is so well stocked with stuff and LOVE. I could *smell* that room as I viewed the pictures and I think I'll go out and buy me some Johnson's Baby Lotion today. =) You take care of yourself and feel good....he'll be here soon, before you know it. Love you! Janet

    ps. I love your blog design. You've got good taste, girl.

  11. I am so excited for you : )
    I came back to see what great ideas people left you for baby clothes the other day :) Off to read it now!
    Best wishes to you with your new bundle of baby deliciousness!

  12. Thank you so much for all the pic's, Minna. Asher, you can come home now, everything is all ready for you:)

  13. Axelle the french reader04:54

    Hello Melinda Sue,
    what a beautiful bedroom !! Seriously, it is so cute !! You have a very good ... taste ! I'm not sure about the sens in american, i just hope it doesn't mean we can eat you !! ;-))
    And I was very happy to see you've got Sophie la girafe !!! A very famous toy, in France. I think each single baby in France had his Sophie la Girafe !! Very useful when he'll begin to make his teeth ... A little help ... If one day, you become fed up with the little sound she makes each time baby Asher will bite it, just let Sophie boil in water ! It make her become silent !... Merci mon Dieu ;-))
    I just come back from my holidays and I don't see any post from the 4th of august, we're the 8th ... Are you OK ? ;-)


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