today marks an important date in blogging history.

my 250th blog post.

i feel like confetti should be falling from the sky, grazing my eyelashes and getting stuck in my toothy grin. but it's not.

i feel like we should be celebrating the way we would celebrate the 100th day of school. with cheesy paper glasses with the 00's for the eye holes, counting 100 of everything we did that day. 100 goldfish for a snack. 100 pennies to put into the penny drive for children's hospital. talking about famous 100's in history... but we're not.

it is just another nondescript day in my life. a life filled with many, not so exciting, very plain jane, kind of boring things. but it is that nondescript life that i love so much.

monotonous days at work, dreaming i was somewhere else. coming home to my xbox addicted, beer drinking, stuck to his leather recliner, husband; who always greets me with a kiss and an "i really missed you today," followed quickly by a, "what's for dinner?". rummaging the fridge and freezer trying to decide what in the world can i make for dinner tonight? and enjoying whatever it is... making a gourmet meal for 2, or driving through culvers for cheese curds and root beer floats. changing into my sweats, and settling in for the evening on the coach next to my husband, or taking a drive with the windows down, or wandering around barnes and noble for hours wishing i could permanently move in.

family, and friends, and cleaning, and making our new house our home. food, and video games, and movies, and wine, and board games on friday nights. change, new babies, new life, fear. love, and laughter, and complete silliness.

that is my life, and that is my blog... and for some reason... people come. people read. people pray for me. people dream with me, and wish me well, and say the nicest most encouraging things. and that is why i have been blogging for 250 posts, and why i will continue blogging for 250 more.

thank you for coming and being a part of this with me!


  1. Anonymous08:52

    Happy, Happy 250!!!!! Think balloons and happy noise makers here: QQQQQQQ********@@@ !!!!!!!!!

    So glad you are here and blogging and living a lovely life and expecting a new life!

    Praying God blesses you each and every day.

    love, jep

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  3. I just read because you are my sister...

    No, not really. You are one of the greatest picture painters I have ever read...I have problems seeing what I read (which is why I stick to news, non fiction, and political books)...but the way you describe things, I can see them perfectly! Thank you, Sissy!

    Your Broham

  4. Axelle the french reader15:15

    Joyeux 250ème anniversaire, Melinda Sue.
    I just hope you won't stop when you'll reach the 250 next posts!
    PS : I would like to put a picture of me, too, like some or your reader do (your brother, here, for example ;-)), but I don't know how to do.
    Don't try to explain me ... In french, I don't understand anything in "web life", so in english ........ !

  5. Anonymous23:44

    I will keep reading up to 2 million and fifty posts! :)

  6. Happy 250th post, Radiant Melinda. And many more!


  7. yum, root beer floats! i came home from SLC to see A&W cans in the fridge which i don't remember buying. Steve stole them from melanie's for me. that's love.


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