we're off...

to see the wizard...

or off to madison. it's almost the same.

we will almost most definitely encounter lions and tigers and bears. and perhaps a talking scarecrow or two. the tin man... not so much.

matthew and i are packed, the lawn is mowed, and the dishes are done. i always like to have the house clean before i leave. i hate coming home to a messy house.

after work the car needs gas and to be packed with love and care, and then... we are on our way.

matthew will drive. i will lean back and try to relax and sleep. long car rides make me nervous. once we get in the car, i close my eyes and pray out loud. i pray for safety and alertness and good weather. i pray that we will get along and enjoy our undivided attention with one another. i pray we will get to our destination fast and in one piece.

i know once we get there we will have a great time, and we will want to stay longer than we had planned. it feels like we belong there as much as we belong here. our hearts are always torn between two places.

wisconsin is matthews home. it is where he spent his life, what he knows. it has his dearest friends, his every memory. it is where his heart desires to be. it is beer and cheese and friends and family, and the packers. it is cooler days to golf 18 holes, and it is better shopping than we have in omaha. and in the 5 years i have been with matthew, it has become my home too. home in my heart. it is where matthews family is, where my family is. and wherever they are will always be home to us.

and today we go... to wisconsin, to home.

and we love our time spent there, and we will not want to come home. but we will... because omaha is home too. our hearts will always be split between two places, between two homes.


  1. this is beautiful and true, isn't it?

    We can't wait to see you.

    You get the queen bed this time.
    Fit for a pregnant queen.

    You get to experience the big dent.

  2. <3 <3 <3

    love to all. hugs from baraboo. will see you next time, and that's a promise. or a threat.

    <3 <3 <3

  3. I just watched Donna's video post. You look like you're glowing and it sounds like you enjoyed your baby shower. I'm glad we're having good weather here in Wisc. while you are here. Enjoy!

  4. steph, i will hold you to that... we will home for a week at christmas.


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