playing hookie...

there were rare occasions growing up... very rare... when mom would make a call to the school office and tell them i wouldn't be in today. if we had family or friends in town, to go to a baseball game, the zoo, shopping, something fun with mom. i loved getting to school the next day and telling everyone all the fun i had the day before.

as i got older i would reserve the right for a fun day on my own. deciding i didn't need to go to class that afternoon i would call my mom and tell her i was on my way to downtown with lizzie and ask her call me in sick for the rest of the day. most of the time, she obliged.

sometimes you just need a day off. to refresh your mind. cleanse your soul. take a deep breathe and think. kids need these days, teenagers need these days, and adults really need these days.

as an adult it isn't as easy to play hookie as it once was. i can't call my mom and ask her to call me in. i have responsibilities at work that are hard to leave behind. i feel guilty if i call in when i am not really sick. i feel guilty if i take a day off, just to have a day off. but sometimes you just need a day.

we played hookie from childbirth class on tuesday. it was breastfeeding week, and i knew matthew would not make it without cracking up and hiding behind his hair. and i knew we were knee deep in a project that we really really needed to get done. so after a couple calls to breastfeeding friends, we decided to skip this class.

and for just a moment when i made the decision to play hookie... i felt just like i did all those years ago, taking a day off to have fun. a little rebellious, a little sneaky, a lot happy. then i remembered that i wasn't skipping so i could have fun. i remembered as adults we don't often get to skip to just have fun. we don't get to skip to just have a day for us. it seems as you get older you only get to play hookie if it means you will have to do harder work somewhere else. and we did. and it felt good to get it done, and kind of good to play hookie...

but i am still coveting that hookie day of just fun, that hookie day just for me. that hookie day to refresh and reflect and relax. that hookie day like the ones i took before life as a grown up, when life was simple. i need that time once again.


  1. Good call.
    The nurses will help you in the hospital.
    If you have any questions, I will try to remember the answers.
    The Le Leche League may have phone staff.
    Yeah. No need to watch Matthew squirm thru that one :o)

  2. April19:49

    Very good call. Breastfeeding is one of those things that any amount of BEFORE instruction doesn't help anyway. You need hands on. This comes from a mom of 3 who has nursed so far for 4.5 years and counting. And I live in Omaha...sooo if you need anything ask! BUT nurses are amazing at helping in the beginning. Trust me-you will need it but realize it takes time to learn-you and him-but its AMAZING!

  3. April19:50

    Oh and...Westside Community Center has a breastfeeding class after you deliver which was a HUGE help for me...they meet once a week and a LeLeche leader is there as well and baby is welcome!

  4. Anonymous20:15

    I am a Quiet Life reader and read today about the baby shower. Just wanted you to know that my husband and I have been praying for you, Matthew and Asher. I enjoy reading your blog and having breast fed two sons I can tell you that is is worth it, one of the best things you will ever do. God bless and be with you and have a happy shower. Oh, and good luck with the house projects. jep

  5. april, thanks for the advice, and the news about the class at westside... i will look into that for sure.

    jep, thanks for stopping by. and thank you so much for the prayers.

  6. Anonymous17:31

    Melinda Sue, Saw your picture on QL today and you are so beautiful and Matthew is such a handsome husband and father to be. Our youngest son has facial hair like Matthew's and I really like it although I did not like the mustache my husband once grew when he was in his early 30s. Our son and his wife are going to France this week for the end of the Tour de France. It is business for our son and play time for our DIL. She is four months pregnant with a little girl. I so wish you and Matthew and baby Asher could be going with them. I think the four of you would hit it off and I know it is a dream of yours to go. We will continue to keep you three in our prayers, seven weeks will go by fast.
    Love and prayers, jep
    PS I have never been to Europe, but maybe one day or maybe we will keep the baby if our kids ever get to go again. : )


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