reason number 5,928...

True Love: Sharing a Milkshake After Tennis Giclee Print

reason number 5,928 why i love matthew.

i have been working a lot lately. a lot of extra hours, a lot of skipped lunch breaks, a lot of over time.

today when i was late coming home, matthew called me. he just wondered where i was and when i would be home. he could tell i was frustrated. he didn't complain or ask me why i was still working. he just told me he loved me.

when i finally walked in the door, matthew was starving. but he was waiting for me. he didn't ask me what was for dinner, he didn't make me feel bad for making him wait so long to eat... he just said , "i am going to make grilled cheese for dinner, did you want a grilled cheese?" i smiled and obliged. he makes really good grilled cheese. he wanted me to come upstairs with him while he made our dinner. and i did. i stood in the kitchen and watched him, and he asked me about my day. then we ate our dinner together. he did the dishes, he always does. all i had to do tonight was sit and be with him.

after dinner and dishes and a little tv he said, "come on, lets go get milkshakes." they are buy one get on free at sonic right now... did you know that? $2.45 with tax for two milkshakes. sonic is virtually across the street. he helped me up off the couch, and helped me down the stairs and into the car. he knows how i love milkshakes. he knew i had a long hard day. he knew that with me, sometimes a milkshake can make my night complete. he also knew i wouldn't suggest it myself. so, he made the offer on his own... or maybe he just really wanted some ice cream tonight.

when i said i was exhausted and wanted to go bed early, he said "okay. we can go to bed early." he always likes to go to bed with me. if i stay up late, he stays up late. if i am too tired to make it past 9 o'clock, he will lay with me on the couch, or go up to bed with me. he knows i don't sleep well without him by my side, and he feels the same.

he knows me, he knows what i need when i need it, he knows how to make me smile and cheer me up. he loves me for me, even when i have a bad day at work and have few words when i get home, or have a bad day at work and have a million angry words when i get home. he listens, or holds me, or does whatever i need. when i have too much on plate... he steps in. he makes dinner, he cleans it up, he drives, he sets the alarm, and he wakes me up with a smile so we can do it all again. he likes to be with me. he takes care of me. he loves me. he knows me. and that is just one one more reason why i love him, and thank God for him each and every day.

Elderly African American Couple Eating at the Table by a Fireplace, Rural Virginia, 1899-1900 Giclee Print


  1. Ah, I love that young man- reminds me of someone I know:)

  2. It feels good to be loved...and it also feels good to be appreciated.

    You two are good for one another.

    Makes this momma glad.

  3. I think...that maybe the secret to a LONG and LOVING a man who chooses to do the dishes out of love. My Dad always did the dishes...he and Mom would cook for holidays together...but, after the meal...he scooted my mom out of the kitchen and tackled the dishes. Last week, I was sitting at the kitchen table of our next door neighbor..chatting while her husband of over 50 years did the dishes. I watched how his wife gave the same shy smile that said...I'm LOVED ...while he spoke of always doing the dishes. It's the same smile my Mom always had...the kind of smile you'd expect to see on a young girl who shyly received her first kiss.

  4. Anonymous04:14

    I love your posts about how much you love your husband. You have a good one, that's for sure, but it's nice to read about-it's encouraging. Even if sometimes I get a teensy bit jealous, I feel encouraged to look for the ways my husband expresses his love and to appreciate those ways.
    Anyway, I'm happy for you!

  5. lmk, i love that story. i really am very blessed that he does the dishes for me.

    denise, i could write posts about the ways he drives me crazy, and you wouldn't feel so jealous. i try to focus on all the great things he does for me and our family. he is easy to love... most of the time ;)

  6. do you guys all actually get paid for your OT now?

  7. patrick,

    hhahahahahhaha. that's funny. no.

  8. Anonymous12:44

    I told you you should date that nice boy!!!! :)---
    Carol Sue


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