productivity vs normality

on a normal weekend you can find matthew and i piddling around the house. we will be watching tv, and folding laundry, and cleaning toilets and taking walks, watching movies,... we will not be showering unless we have to, getting dressed unless we have to (not that we walk around naked or anything, we just don't change out of sweats), i won't be cooking real meals, we wont be rebuilding bedrooms, or organizing closets (we like to do our projects on the weeknights so as not to disturb our weekends). uh.. no way no work. on our weekends... we like to do nothing.

i don't know if we are the most boring working couple in america, or the average working couple in america.

but after a week of being out of the house more hours than we are in, of going to work, and being apart from each other. after a week of running errands, and making dinner, and doing chores. of working in the yard, and working on projects... we just want to be.

and i like my weekends like that.

this weekend, was different. it was not our normal weekend.

friday night we had a date night. a great date night. well... our date night started after my power nap when i got home, but i'm pregnant, a pregnant girl has to take a nap every once in awhile. when i woke up we went to late dinner to a restaurant we have really been wanting to try. dante pizzeria napoletana. it just opened a few months ago, a couple of miles form our house. we like pizza. we knew we would love this fresh, italian style, wood oven pizza. they make their own mozzarella, they have bocce ball leagues, and they cater-- really, you can have them cater your event, they have a huge portable wood pizza oven. if we weren't already married, we would have an outdoor wedding reception, with fresh wood fired pizza... but we are already married, and i am off point. the pizza was delicious. we sat, and talked, and people watched, and smiled, and had a great dinner out, just the two of us. we decided to cash in our free movie tickets, and stopped to get gelato on our way to the theater. it took me so long to decide what kind of gelato i wanted, that we were too late for any movies. we drove home, and mathew held my hand in the car. for just a moment it was 5 years ago, and we were on a friday night date. matthew was paying, and we were young and falling in love. for a moment, nothing mattered but our friday night date.

saturday was a different story. we worked. we worked hard. we finally decided to pay the louse $130 for dumpster service, so we could clean up our winter construction project that had been sitting in the garage for 6 months. we rid the garage of the crap that the previous owners left, and made a home for everything. i sweated for 6 straight hours. and it felt good to accomplish something on our saturday.

and sunday, we worked again. we finished our job hacking down the bushes in the back yard, and cut down the overgrown branches so they could actually fit into the dumpster. we took hundreds of trips to the front yard dumpster hauling branches and limbs. the sun was shining, i got a little sunburnt, and again i sweated all day long. but it felt good to get it done.

we knocked two huge projects off of our to do list. i think the realization that in a couple short months we will have a baby absorbing all our time and energy is beginning to sink in.

and we took some time to take a night out just the two of us. i think the realization that in a couple short months we will never be just the two of us again is beginning to sink in.

and you want to know what? after this weekend... i want to just sit. to just be. this full week of work after this weekend of productivity may prove to be too much for this pregnant girl. i think a lot of naps are in the forecast.

a productive weekend is great, a weekend out is great. but i will take our normal weekend of piddling around anytime. it's just who we are.


  1. Jennifer23:13

    Every time Rich and I have a date night we wonder what we did with our selves before Layla was born and we were by ourselves. I don't even remember, and I honestly don't care to. It couldn't have been as good as this. I hope you get lots of great naps in this week! Miss you!!!


    Can't wait to see your house all spiffed up!

    You two are a pair of love birds.

  3. that was our weekend, too. almost identical. now i just want to sit around so i can save up my energy for saturday when the projects start again.


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