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driving to the doctor today, i was obviously nervous. matthew kept asking me, "are you nervous?" "why are you nervous?" "yes i'm nervous... why aren't you nervous?" that man is really the ones with nerves of steel. my nerves were a bit more like dental floss.

we sat in the waiting room for an extra long time... excruciating. they must have had a couple deliveries throw off their schedule today. but when a girl is waiting to find out if her baby is healthy and okay or not okay... those moments are painful. i half watched hgtv on the big screen in the waiting room, while matthew begged me to check the baseball scores on my phone.

the ultrasound tech finally called us back, and i instantly felt a little better. she slathered my tummy with warm gel and instantly began looking for his kidneys. she found them pretty quickly... "they look perfectly normal. one is 2 1/2 mm, the other 5mm. that is normal, that is good. they don't look overly full, and his bladder looks great" my mind was reeling... he's fine. his kidney's are fine. his bladder is fine. he's fine. our baby boy is fine. i was astounded by the tiny size of his kidneys. 3 mm. his kidneys are fully functioning at a tiny size of only 3 mm. how incredible is that? my mind was still going a million miles a minute when she announced "your fluid levels are perfectly normal, no worries about that." the baby is fine. i am fine. we are fine. Praise God, we are fine. she measured him, and estimated his weight at 2 pounds 8 ounces. he is in the 39th percentile for his age (that is still normal, the small side of normal). she said i was measuring a week ahead of time. i have been measuring a week ahead all along. they weighed me. up 2 1/4 pounds. i have gained 7 1/4 pounds in 28 weeks. (i keep waiting for the appointment where she tells me i gained 15 pounds since the last one. it hasn't come yet, thank goodness.) they took my blood pressure. 122/65. normal. my blood work looked normal. my feet and ankles were only a little swollen. i go again in 2 weeks... for my normal 30 week check up.

and that was it... in just a moment, everything changed. we knew that our son was okay. we saw him. we saw him moving around and covering his face with his arms. we saw him breathing and we saw his spine. we saw his boy parts, and his little foot jabbing my side. we saw him moving into a downward position. we saw our son. and he is fine. Asher is fine. and tonight i feel joy. joy and peace and celebration. and in a couple short months, we will be a family. a real family with a real son, and we will be a real mom and dad.

thank you for your thoughts and prayers. thank you for love. thank you for celebrating with us today.

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  1. Yay! Technology is grand, isn't it?

    So happy you & your little one are doing great. I'm sure you can't wait to meet him this fall.

  2. gina09:23

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    I've been praying for him and thinking of the both of you! Hooray!

  3. I love Asher already...I cannot wait to see him. Love you, Sis!

  4. He is already a blessing!

  5. Now I'm getting baby fever! I can't wait to meet Asher, either!

  6. Praise the Lord! I'm so glad to hear Asher is doing well and is healthy. Yay!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Sherrie Ann00:43

    Fabulous news! I'm a lurker from your MIL's site...hope you don't mind =}

    As a mother of 3 (13 down to 7) I must tell you, that you are already a mother. The moment you saw that positive test, you were a mother.

    Sounds like you and Matthew are going to be great parents. You both have great role models to follow after all.

  8. Anonymous12:06



  9. I am so glad your boy is okay! What a relief and blessing. So, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, because I cannot for the life of me ever figure out how to follow your blog! The subscribe thingy at the bottom is useless to me...to ADD to figure THAT one out!


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