i never cared much for mcdonalds.

when i was a little girl we only went to mcdonalds when they had happy meal toys we really really wanted. we sometimes went to hot and now (do they still have hot and nows? i don't know...), but not mcdonalds.

my dad once brought home a mcdonalds special glass. it was released in celebration of disney world, and for some reason dad decided to buy one... it was my favorite glass. i stole it from my parents kitchen cabinet when i went to college, that glass was coming with me. it was the best glass we had. that is my fondest mcdonalds memory.
(its the second one from the left... i still have it, it is still my favorite glass, and it looks nothing like that now, it is faded and worn, but not broken)

as a teenager, mcdonalds would be my last choice of restaurants to eat at. i remember babysitting, and trying so hard to convince the kids to eat somewhere other than mcdonalds. i rarely won that battle.

when i was living in france, we heard someone call mcdonald's, McDo. i do not know if that is what it is called all over france, or just where we were in st louis, or just from the man who we heard talking about mcdonalds. but from that moment on, i called mcdonalds, McDo. french McDo, was not my favorite. i think ate it a few times, and it didn't taste quite right... i wouldn't recomend french McDo.

by the time we had been in europe for 3 months, i desired anything that was like home. just a tiny piece of home would make my heart sing. when we were in paris we found our way to the hard rock cafe. it was like america inside those doors. american music, free refills, big leafy green salds with fried chicken pieces, american rock music, american tv. one step out the door, and we were in a foreign country, and unknown place, a place that was not home. but inside those doors, it was home. we sat there for what seemed like forever. i ate a huge leafy salad (those were hard to come by in europe, i craved one), and i must of had 8 glasses of iced tea (free refils were non existent, and i had not seen iced tea anywhere else) we could not get ourselves to leave that place.

by the time we got to romania, mcdonalds held the same kind of glory. home. once a week while rachel was off at a meeting, becky and i would walk to the closest mcdonalds. we would eat, and sit, and feel like we were in america for just one evening a week. well except for the fact that we were the only ones speaking english, stella artois was on tap, and the dollar menu didn't exist, we felt like we were at home. mcdonalds was the only comfort of home that existed in romania... and from that point on, i no longer hated mcdonalds. there was a special place in my heart and stomach for McDo, and i think that will remain for all my days.

i still love mcdonalds, and this baby wants to eat mcdonalds every singe day. i don't eat it everyday, but this little guy sure wants me to.

last week i saw a commercial for shrek glasses being sold at mcdonalds.

"oh my gosh. i am buying those glasses. that mcdonalds glass i have is my favorite glass." matthew just stared at me. but i was serious. we have had that glass for nearly 15 years i bet, and it hasn't broken. it is thick and had a nice wide bottom. and it is the perfect size. and when i saw they were $1.99, i knew i would be buying a couple. but the mcdonalds around these parts, have been fresh out of them. sold out. i am not the only person who loves these mcdonalds glasses. in fact, my friend rachel had one that she loved just like me. she hit the jackpot last year and found a bunch for sale at a garge sale. best garage sale find ever.

today my mom called to tell me she was driving through a small town and saw a mcdonalds, she decided to stop and see if they still had some shrek glasses. and you know what? THEY DID. she bought be a whole a slew of them, probably more than i needed, but now i will have more than one of the best glasses in the world. and i am one happy girl.

one happy girl, who could kind of go for a chicken mcnugget right now.

McDo... thank you for selling the perfect glass, and thank you for providing a home for me when i was in a foreign land, i will be forever grateful.


  1. We used to never go to McDonald's when we were kids. Once when I played football we played a team in Green Bay and we stopped at McDonald's and I just ordered fries because I didn't like anything else they have. I think they've gotten better now, plus I always go there when the Monopoly game is going on

  2. i have so many toys from there, the barbies were my favorite and some i even left in the package. i have the glass with the castle on it. it is a really good glass.

  3. Axelle13:17

    Yes, we all call it Mac Do. You'll hear it everywhere in France. Better : we don't say that we're going to eat TO Mac do, but just we're going to eat Mac do. In french :"On mange Mac do, ce soir ?" (we eat Mac Do, tonight ?).
    And at the beginning of Mac Do in France, we were convinced that Mac Do was the ONLY one, in States !! When I was 20 years old, a friend of mine went to NYC and, coming bak, she informed us that Mac Do seemed to be not so much appreciated by americans and that there were a lot of others "restaurant" like Mac Do.
    As far as we're concerned, we try to not take children too often to Mac Do ... But they like it a lot !!

  4. i have so many things to say about this post, i don't even know where to start.

    1. when i was pregnant, i wanted mcnuggets every day

    2. i've never been to a foreign country (besides canada) so the fact that they charge for refills and have beer on tap at a fast food joint completely floors me. now i want to go somewhere and see what else i don't know about

    3. please tell me you stole that glasses picture off google images. because if you had a picture of three glasses in your backyard, i'd have a million more things to say.

    and now i'm thinking about driving thru mcdonald's...want me to pick you up anything?

  5. patrick... don't even get me started on the monopoly game. it is the only monopoly i like playing. now, if only i could win the million doallrs.

    axelle... we try not to go there too often, or take the children there too often as well. i remember the romanians telling us when mcdonalds first opened there, families were getting dressed up to go eat at the fancy american restaurant. it is funny when you think about the fact that in america, it is at the bottom of the restarant chart.

    holly... in europe when you go out, you usually get bottled beverages. (i think at mcdo, it was a fountain, but behind the counter, no refills.) if you want more, you have to buy another bottle. i often bought another bottle. i drink a lot. the beer on tap always perplexed me. just one little tiny tap in the midle of the counter.

  6. Is it McDo like rhyming with shoe or McDo like rhyming with dough?

    I will forever love the flavor of a Mickie D's (as we called it) burger with those perfect tiny onions and the pickles. That said, I can't tell you the last time I ate there but it's been a couple of years and I think the only thing I got was a McFlurry! Maybe I will go and get a good ol fashioned Happy Meal for old times' sake!

  7. denise, it is mac-dough.

    holly, i forgot... i stole all the pictures from google images. no taking pictures of glasses in my back yard... at least not yet.

  8. Oh my - I hate to be the one to tell you this...but DON'T USE THE SHREK GLASSES! They've been recalled. :(

  9. I just heard the same thing about the recall on the shrek glasses. The paint on the glasses contains a cancer causing agent! Yikes!

  10. As soon as I saw about the recall, I thought of this post. What a bummer! :(


    Sorry! I thought of this post too when I saw it!

  12. when we saw the recall friday morning as we were getting ready to work. matthew almost died laughing. he thinks my obsession with the mcdonalds glasses is silly, and really found this hilarious.

    what a bummer. i was really looking forward to having more than one favorite glass.


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