in the market.

i seem to be in the market for a lot lately.

we are in the market for baby stuff.

we are in the market for home improvement items.

we are in the market for a new camera.

we are in the market for a new vacuum.

we are in the market for baby items for friends who are having babies.

i am in the market for maternity clothes.

matthew is in the market for a wife who is no longer pregnant... okay, not really. only kind of. i am not the easiest pregnant lady.

buying for friends is not so hard... they have registries, which people always do these days. you just take a jog over to target or babies r us, and print their every wish. better yet... you can view every item online and never even have to drive to the store and risk not finding the right item in the messy store aisles. registries are also good for stalking people. if you know someone who is getting married or having a baby you can look up their every dream and desire with just a few clicks of the mouse. i registry stalk everyone i know. it is interesting to see what people want. registries are brilliant. if only there were registries for everything on the planet. i often wish i could register for gifts for my birthday or christmas. i often wish other people could register for their birthday or christmas.

i wish there was some sort of registry you could check to find every item you are in the market for. i wish you could go punch into that little registry computer what you were looking for, and see what items people bought the most, and which items were returned. see which items people like you bought and loved. or which items people like you loved and wanted. it would make buying items much easier. making decisions and spending money is not that easy. i need help. i want to see a registry.

so i need your help...

we need to buy a new camera. what do you recommend? what would you register for, if you could?

we need a new vacuum... what do you recommend? what would you register for, if you could?

we never had a baby before, i don't know what things i really need, and what things i don't really need. what do i need? what do i really need to buy? what will make our life and ashers life easier? if you were making a baby registry, what items would you put on it? (we already made registries at target and babies'r'us, so maybe this question is a day late and a dollar short.)

if you were making an anything registry... what would you put on it? what one thing do you really want or need right now?


  1. Camera? Not a clue. Vacumn? I get a new one every other year. We kill them at out house. Kids seem to do that. Babies. Now we're talking. Spend the $ and get the diaper bag you love, you're going to use it more than anything else. Next, a decent stroller. A car seat that is safe, but easy to use. Lots of great blankets, so that when there is a night-time ooky or someone is sick, you're not strapped to the washer & left w/no blanket to wrap wee one in. Blessings!

  2. April09:06

    Camera-not a good one to ask. Vacuum-we broke down and got a Rainbow....I'm in loooove! Baby stuff-after 3 kiddos I consider myself an expert. Get a diaper bag that isn't huge but carries the essentials. A kiddopotamus (looove it!), a sling or baby carrier of sorts (I love my Moby Wrap), plenty of GOOD QUALITY receiving blankets (you can use them for anything-swaddling, diaper changes, burp rags...) after 3 kids I have NEVER used the swing nor any baby towels.

  3. My babies loved their swings.

    Emma's camera is blue.

  4. donna,

    is emma's camera a canon? i was trying to figure out which camera she had by looking at the pictures of them online (she was taking a picture with it in on of your san fran pictures)... i would like a pink one if i could choose.

    my mom said we loved our swings too. the people i babysit for gave us a bunch of stuff when they decided they were done, including a swing... so if he doesnt like it, i won't feel bad about wasting money.


    diaper bag. check. blankets. check.


    note to self: google kiddopotamus. moby wrap. check.

  5. melinda-
    i love your blog by the way.
    vacuum-oreck-hands down!
    camera...not sure
    babies-burp rags are a must have...
    i have a bouncy seat and a swing...i love them both...but the bouncy seat has been a HUGE hit for both boys...we'll probably get a new one for baby #3 b/c it's about done for.
    personally, i think a good car seat/stroller combo is so nice to have! it's great to be able to take the car seat out and put directly into the stroller w/o having to take the baby in and out of the car seat...especially when they are happy and sleeping! :)

  6. KIMBRA!

    i was so excited to see your name. i hope i get to see you soon!

  7. You know, as far as registries go, has their wishlist, and they have the "universal" wishlist, which you can add anything from any website to it. I use it to keep a list of things I want to get the kids for their birthdays, Christmases, etc. The other thing I like about Amazon is the user reviews on items. A lot of times I will look at what items have the highest user ratings.

  8. Sarah Anne00:17

    Do you want a super-high quality camera or a normal digital camera? I love my FujiFilm Z5 but we also have a Sony for special occasions. Get one you can plug in to charge!

    We have a Dyson vacuum and it is one purchase I never had buyer's remorse over it. We were doing a vacuum a year and we've had the Dyson for 5 years now :)

    Can I send you a long e-mail in the next few days with baby/birth advice? I don't want to give it unsolicited if you don't want it - but it would just be a rambling of what I've learned. You could take it for whatever you think it's worth :)

    Love you!


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