i wonder...

today i saw this comment on my previous blog post...

"I found your blog searching for an article written by my brother.

I'm Asher Boucher. My older brother is Max Boucher. Our mother is a christian artist. Very odd.

I can assure you Asher will be handsome, articulate, funny and extremely modest.

Good luck."

how weird is that. asher boucher, with a brother max boucher. and our sons name is going to be asher max boucher. too weird for words... i tried to blog stalk this asher boucher, but i couldn't find him. is that creepy?

i wonder what our asher will be. i wonder what color hair he will have, and if he will have rubber band wrists. i wonder if his eyes will be green like matthews, or brown like mine, or shock us all and be born with blue. i wonder if he will get freckles in the sun, and if his feet will look like fred flintstone feet. i wonder if he will like music, and if the packers will be his favorite team. i wonder if he will have oodles of energy and run circles around us... or if he will prefer to cuddle up next to mom with a book. i wonder if he will sing like an angel, or kick the ball like david beckham. i wonder what kind of person he will be. what he will grow up into. i wonder who and what and how and why he will be.

i wonder what kind of mother i will be.

i wonder what i will be like during childbirth.

i wonder how often asher will get to see his aunts and uncles and grandparents.

i wonder how my life will change, and how my life will remain the same.

i wonder lots these days...

and i sleep lots these days. and eat lots of ice cream these days. and i work really hard at getting the house in order these days. and i work alot of hours at work these days.

i smile and laugh and cry sometimes (it comes with the pregnancy territory... and the whole being a girl territory)

what are you guys wondering? what are you doing? id really love to know.


  1. Anonymous22:32

    I'm wondering how I will "survive" a 20 hour flight a toddler and a 7 & 8 year old. I am hoping that I'll be able to model calmness and peace to my children on this flight. When I will really feel flustered, tired and grouchy. Any Tips? Jessa

  2. gina06:56

    I'm wondering how my summer class in the big city will be. I'm wondering if my child will miss me....
    I'm wondering if my puppy is lonely. I'm wondering if I can really do this...

  3. jessa, i wish i had advice for you... take a valium? ha. i will say a prayer for you.

    gina, you can do it. he will miss you, but he probably won't let on that he does. and i am sure your puppy can find something to tear apart or chew on that will keep the poor boo unlonely. they are good at that.

  4. I am wondering if Asher Boucher with the brother named Max is a real person?

    I am wondering why things never work out for Katie....
    when it comes to friends.
    (Big pool party....we signed up and paid for during the auction....just got the email this morning....
    it is when we are out of town. Just so crappy.)

  5. all babies have blue eyes when they're born.
    (unless that's myth but i know i did and they've changed many times in my life)

    and if uncle patrick, his dad, and his grandpa have any say he will be a packer fan.

  6. I was just going to say he better be a Packer fan. If I had kids I'd rather they not like sports at all than be a fan of some BS team like the Broncos just to drive me nuts.

    Hopefully he will also think Coldplay is cool and not some geezer band when he gets older. Start playing the music you want him to like now before he is born so maybe you can influence him in the womb. Or play Mozart & Bach to make him smart.

    That stinks that its hard to get things together for Katie. We had it so easy in Marinette with so many kids in the neighborhood we could always find kids to play with by just riding our bikes around and finding people at Washington School or getting the guys together to go play football at Teacher's Park or whatever. Things were different back in my day, I tell ya...

  7. they were better....

    my first three kids were of the free range sort....

    I loved it for them and for me....

    Can not wait to see you tomorrow!!!

  8. and here i thought you'd have the only asher boucher. this world is getting too big, i tell you. there is no originality left any more.

  9. I guess I don't really wonder about what kind of mother you'll be, or even what Asher will be like. Mostly, I know that you will be a wonderful mother, because in the words of Layla, "my mommy is a good mommy because you were a good mommy" I'm sure her mommy told her that but it is true for you too:)You were loved well and you know how to be a good mother. I also think that Asher will be his father son~ he will want to do everything his father does and he'll want to be just like him! Awesome, isn't it?

  10. donna, maybe you should try your hand at the friend pool in omaha ;) it might work out better for her.

    patrick, you're funny. i miss you.

    auntie, thank you. love you.


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