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matthew means gift of God.

melinda means beautiful, gentle spirit. (my parents may have really missed the mark on that one... they tried)

my mothers name is carol. she was born christmas eve, she was a christmas carol. carol means song. my mom sings like an angel.

my dads name is stephen, it means crowned in victory.

my brother jesse, means God exists.

matthews mom's name is donna. it means lady. and she is. a very respected lady.

matthews dad's name is patrick. patrick means noble.

his brother is patrick junior. noble again.

his sister emma, means whole and complete.

his sister katie, means pure and innocent.

in generations past, people named their children names with meaning. they named them after how they were feeling, what they wanted their children to grow into. in fact, in many cultures today, people still name their children in such a way. it was believed that what you named your child, would help shape their lives. it was believed that the meaning behind the name, would become who they are.

we didn't want to give our son just any name that sounded good with boucher. we wanted to give our son a strong name, a name with meaning.

and it did not take us long to find one that we both instantly loved.

Asher Max Boucher.

asher means happy, blessed. in the bible, asher is the 8th son on jacob. it is said that jacob blessed his son with a life of abundance.

max was my grandpa herman's middle name. max means greatest.

his life will be blessed, he is a blessing, and i pray that he will happy. i pray that he will be filled with a tiny bit of the joy that he is already giving us. i pray that he will be filled with the joy of Christ. i pray that he will know he is blessed, and loved, and wanted. i pray God uses him as a blessing in other peoples lives. i hope he understands why we desired so much to give him this name.

i hope he loves his name, as matthew and i love ours, and as we love his.

Asher Max Boucher

"Before I formed you in the womb i knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you."
Jeremiah 1:5 nasb

"But now, this is what the Lord says... 'Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine!"
Isaiah 43:1 niv


  1. I think you've chosen well! How much longer do we have to wait to meet Asher?


  2. thanks denise!

    asher is due september 3rd. labor day weekend. we are really hoping he does come close to labor day. that would give matthew an extra day off, and our family a chance to be there for the birth.

    my grandpa ferguson's (mom's side) birthday is september 2nd. i would really love if he was born that day.

  3. Only a few more months! I hope you get your wish about the birth date. I was so blessed when my fourth was born because some new paternity leave rule had been established, and my husband got four or five weeks off, paid! I think that is how it should be.


  4. i love the name and love that you searched for meaning and spiritual significance!
    and on a side note - my parents named me marcella which means goddess of war. And i have red hair! argh!

  5. Jennifer10:23

    I love this name Melinda! I can't wait to meet your sweet baby Asher!

  6. love it, love it. i know only one other Asher, so that makes it all the more special.

    Our children have long, crazy names...

    tyrese mack charles
    joshua alister elliott
    diana marguerite aderyn
    ezra scott reginald

    they all have to marry royalty. :)

    our first son came with a name - he was almost three - so we just added another middle name, and thus a four-name tradition was born. :)

    praying for you and Asher EVERY MORNING.


  7. i guess i can cross that one off of my baby name list!

  8. I like it! Can't wait to meet the little guy, via the web of course. :)

  9. Axelle14:29

    This is a very beautiful name, Melinda. I didn't know all that, about name's explanations. In France, it's not the same. In fact, we just give a nam that we like. Actually, old names come back. Some are very beautiful : Louis, Pierre, Antoine... But others are terrific !! ... Gaspard, Romuald, Augustin !... Believe me, in french, it doesn't sound good ;-)
    Asher sounds very good ! It's sweet, like a sigh. A sigh of bliss.

  10. steph,

    i wanted 3 names. matthew vetoed. my brother has 3 names Jesse David-Lee.

    we love the name ezra...

    thanks for the prayers steph!

    love from omaha.

  11. Steph,
    How did I NOT know your daughter's name was Diana???

    Do you call her Diana? I love it.
    Next time we are together you have to tell me more about your children.

  12. Melinda,

    This is a GREAT name with great meaning. Perfect choice.

    I was born on Labor Day. My mom told my dad she was in labor, and he thought it was a joke. Haha, Dad!


  13. I found your blog searching for an article written by my brother.

    I'm Asher Boucher. My older brother is Max Boucher. Our mother is a christian artist. Very odd.

    I can assure you Asher will be handsome, articulate, funny and extremely modest.

    Good luck.


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