this day...

matthew and melinda. july 2009.

today our robins flew the coop. they are gone. they grew up so fast.

i skipped my lunch at work, we were soooo busy... so i left an hour early. i got off at the same time as matthew, i had a whole extra hour to spend with my husband today. i love spending time with my husband. it is my favorite past time. there is no other place in the world i would rather be... ok, maybe the eiffel tower. or my cabins. but eve there, i would like him to be with me.

we sat outside on our back yard deck. we just sat and talked. we talked about anything and everything and nothing. it was a beautiful night. nearly perfect. the air was still and cool, the sun was shinning, it was like a night in the movies.

we watched the biggest loser. did you know i watch the biggest loser? and most other reality shows, to be honest. i like to catch glimpses of other peoples lives. i am nosey like that.

i ate my favorite dinner. an oriental chicken roll-up from applebees. i could eat this everyday.

we did laundry. and opened mail. and payed bills. and did the dishes.

we talked about how we should go to bed early... we didn't.

this is our life. most days are filled with nothing. nothing that would be exciting to anyone else in the world.

but to us, our days are filled with joy. simplicity, happiness, love. we find joy in stretching our dollar, and in doing household chores. we find joy in every moment we get to spend together. we wake up early and go to work, we come home. we mow the lawn, and pick up sticks, and clean toilets. we flip the channel between whatever random sporting event is on, and nbc dramas or trashy reality tv. we smile at each other, we laugh with each at other, we yell at each other sometimes. we sit by each other, we enjoy being outside, we enjoy being together.

our life is full of nothing really. but it is full of joy and love. it is full of each other, our family. it is exactly what we would have it be.

this day is like all the others... just us, just our life.


  1. i love this: steve and i are so much the same.

    funny you mention picking up sticks: i spent about 15 min doing that last night: all the while reciting "five, six, pick up sticks" over to myself like a crazy person.

  2. yes. yes. yes.
    quiet life. Donna has had it right all along.
    That's what SugarLips and I have.
    We're so blessed.

  3. First of all, LOVE all of the premier jewelery! Gorgeous. Did you know Dana is moving to like Greenville South Carolina??
    Second, Love that you and Matthew are so happy just the two of you! It gets better when you add a Peanut, but my hope for you is that you ALWAYS get to enjoy that special one on one time! Sometimes the Peanuts get in the way, but that makes the time you have together that much sweeter! Muah.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day.


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