rockin robin...

Robin Art Print
Aurore De La Morinerie

i fear matthew and i may be becoming weird bird people.

a couple of weeks ago i spotted a robin gathering sticks and scraps for her nest. she didn't seem very afraid of me, and i watched her. i was shocked as i watched her build her nest. shocked because she was building her nest between our drain spout and the eave of our roof, right next to our front door.

Robin Nest with Eggs, <span class=
Robin Nest with Eggs, Turdus Migratorius, USA
David Cavagnaro

i thought about shooing her away, and tearing apart all her hard work. i don't think you are supposed to let birds build their homes in your home. but i couldn't do it. she had been working so hard to provide a place for her babies, to make herself a safe home. and it certainly was a safe place. and i just couldn't shoo her away.

soon she was sitting up in her nest watching us as we passed. keeping her eggs warm and safe. a few days later we could see tiny beaks pointing up into the air.

a few days later we could really see beaks poking out into the air. i think they must keep their mouths open waiting very impatiently for food for at least 15 hours a day.

American Robin Chick in Nest Photographic Print
they look just like this... all the time...

we can see them from the big window in our living room... we set a chair by the window to stand on and get a better look.

they are getting big. i think any day now, momma will be shooing them out of her nest and into a life of their own.

what will we do with our evenings when she does? we may have to do something productive... like prepare our lives for the baby that is going to change it forever in a couple sort months...

until then, you can find us peeping on the little robin living outside our front door.

Robin with Heart <span class=


  1. weird bird people: now that's funny (and scary)

  2. You are funny! I love that, weird bird people! Why not? PS I have been meaning to tell you how much I LOVE Asher Max! I can't wait to meet the little bug! Lunch soon? Please??

  3. apparently your drain spout isn't as inviting as Luke's grill

  4. patrick... i have never in my life seen anything like lukes grill. and our little robin is nice, those birds were from satan.


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