in the heat of summer sunshine...

i miss you...

this song was popular the summer i was in europe. everytime i think about the sun or the heat or the summer i think of this song. it runs through my head clear as a day, and takes me to becky and i's shared bedroom, and shared bed, in saint louis, france. it takes me back to mornings waking up to basel-1 radio. and that darn rooster one of our neighbors had that started squaking as soon as the sun came up. it takes me back to cool summer mornings in france. and i like the place where this song takes me... so i let it take me... i let myself drift to that moment, that time, that place.

every summer there is a new slew of songs that comes out celebrating summer. they come in every music style, you can hear them on every radio station, and they become a defining sound of the summer, and for years to come they will define this summer. i like this cheesy part of summer. i like every cheesy summer song that comes on the radio, and i will sing along in my car like a fool. and i don't care. and in 5 years matthew and i will say... "remember that song that was popular the summer i was pregnant with asher. i like that song." and i like those moments of remembering summers past.

summer has officially arrived in omaha. it has been 90 or over for the last 3 days. and i have been sweating and miserable for the last 3 days. i am not normally a sweater. i am not normally uncomfortably hot, or easily overheated. and i may only be 26 weeks pregnant, but my oh my... this summer may kill me. yesterday, our air conditioner could hardly keep up, it did not turn off all day... and it never got cold enough to bring me some relief. i walked around sweating and whining and crying and sweating and stripping clothes off and putting new clothes on and sweating and crying and throwing tantrums. the heat yesterday actually made me emotionally unstable. ask my husband... it really is a miracle i ever snagged him. i don't know how he puts up with me every day, and i don't know how he will put up with me every day for the next 3 months as it gets hotter and muggier and i get bigger and bigger. pray for matthew... he needs it.

i know there will be little relief in this omaha summer. there rarely is. we live in the town of 2 seasons. bitter cold biting winters, and muggy steamy blaringly hot summers. summer has arrived, and until this baby is born, until our 2 week long autumn comes, i will feel little relief.

camping, and bike rides, and long walks, will be replaced with; cool baths, and ice water, and indoor air conditioning. our normal summer lives will have to be adjusted a little, our summer activities will not be what they usually are... but we have each other, and we will remember this summer for the rest of our lives. our first summer in our first house, the summer i was pregnant with our first child. there will be summer songs that remind us of this summer, and there will be memories for years to come. and hopefully, someday, in many years to come we will laugh about the heat induced mood swings, and the sweating bullets, and the uncomfortable change in our plans and activities. someday, we will look back at this summer and laugh. and we will think fondly of this summer...

in the heat of summer sunshine...
Summertime French Riviera Vintage Poster - Europe Giclee Print


  1. Jennifer22:04

    hang in there! When I was pregnant I would come home from work and plug the sink and fill it with ice and water and lay on the counter with my big fat feet in there. When the ice would melt I would yell for Rich to add more. I would highly recommend this!

    It will all be worth it in September!
    Miss you!

  2. being in your third trimester in the heat of summer is hell. text me if you want me to bring you a blizzard. i'll pick it up for you and pick one up for myself as well. coming from a "sweater" (ha), that's one thing that never fails.

  3. jen,

    in some ways i am so ready for september to be here already... and in most ways i am thinking it is coming too fast, i am not ready for this. i am sure you know what i mean.

    icy foot bath. check.

  4. holly,

    ice cream is a must... my weight gain is bound to balloon from 5 pounds to 20 in this first month of summer. we went to sonic yesterday for buy one get one free shakes!

  5. Great poster. You have a great eye!

    I love summer.
    I also love air conditioning.

  6. One of my pregnancies had me HUGE over the is miserable. Find yourself a pool!


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