"wait until your father gets home" was not a threat i heard often growing up.

that threat only came when my mom was so mad at us, she couldn't even stand to look at us. she would send us to our rooms for the rest of the afternoon, and we would wait.

and dad would come home from work, and walk into our room, tears in his eyes. he would tell us he loved us, and that he was doing this because he did. he told us it hurt him more than it did us. and i believed him, because he always cried more than i did. i lot more than i did. i didn't cry at all. his spanks were like high fives of the rear. he would bend us over, and so lightly spank our rears, that we had to fight back giggles and sneers. we would fake tears, while dad shed real ones. then he would send us on our way.

and our lesson would have really been learned with moms spank with the wooden spoon. but dads soft fake spanks... only taught us how to fake tears... which now that i think about it, probably helped jesse and i a lot in life, but it didn't really serve the purpose it was meant to. our lesson was not learned, our actions held little consequence.

i wasn't spanked a lot in my young life. not nearly as much as my naughty little brother, who was spanked on a daily basis. he may have even had a wooden spoon broke on his butt once. i think my brother and i are pretty good examples of how correct discipline, and loving parents can work. we turned out pretty good, if you ask me.

and i wonder if i will be able to take what my parents used on us, and turn into a good mom of my own someday.

and i can guarantee "wait until your father gets home" will not be a threat used often in my house either. matthew is a lover, not a fighter. "i'm going to tell your mother, if you don't stop" may be a more often heard threat in our home.

actions will have consequences. behavior will be corrected. lessons will be learned. and it is kind of weird to think that matthew and i will be in charge of shaping a real persons life.

and i have to admit... even that terrible part of parenting, doesn't sound so bad to me. because, becoming a mom, after all, is my dream come true.


  1. if steve and i had kids and i told them, "wait til your father gets home" they'd probably think he was taking them on a vacation. if you need backup, just say, "wait til aunt holly comes over here next"

    oh, and i use the term "aunt" because it can mean anything and our relation or lack thereof really can't be quantified

  2. thank you for not letting matthew talk about spanking in this blog post.

    oh lord. thank you.

    some kids do not respond to consequences....
    I didn't learn this until I was a parent for 20 years...

    ya just gotta love em and do your best...
    somedays that's not so good....'s the best and hardest job of all

  3. holly, i didnt think twice about aunt... what else would you be?

    donna, i am afriad baby boy will be just like matthew, i am sure he received the mothers curse many a times. but you must have done something right, because he turned out to be a pretty incredible grown man.

  4. or matthew could be really cursed and the baby will be like patrick! haha!

  5. now that....was funny Shelby.

    I never said that moms curse to my children.

    Matthew wasn't naughty...he just didn't want to try very hard...especially when I home schooled him....and then well....high school and college....

    Patrick was the perfect child...until he wasn't perfect anymore.

    I've had it pretty easy with my punks.


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