new day, new blog...

sometimes i have thoughts. thoughts about faith and life and prayer and living. thoughts a little deeper and more spiritual than what i usually share on this silly little blog. and i had a vision... or a thought, or a dream, or something... what if i had a nother blog, that i just wrote once a week or so... with my deeper faith filled thoughts. maybe, just maybe, i will have something to say that someone needs to hear. some words of encouragement, or a challange, or just something to pray about it. so i did it. i write this blog monday-thursday, and i am going to start trying to write a second blog every saturday. so check it out if you want to... and if you don't want to, and would rather read me telling stories about my husbands love for football, or the things i try to cook and mess up, or what food i am craving at the moment, or how my mom really loves butt jokes, well... just keep coming here. cause i ain't leavin anytime soon.


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