aunt sue and uncle keith...

i only met aunt sue once. it was our wedding day. june 22, 2007.

she was matt's aunt, his mother's sister, and lived in missouri. we didn't travel to missouri, and she didn't travel to nebraska, and our paths had not yet been forced to cross.

but for this day, she drove from missouri. she came to spend our special day with us. she came without uncle keith, and that was a big sacrifice. it was their anniversary. matthew and i got married the exact same day aunt sue and uncle keith had been marries years before. and she left her husband for the weekend, left her own celebration of life and love, to come celebrate ours.

in the whirlwind that was that day, i stopped to thank sue for being there. "thank you for coming, i am really glad you could be here with us. and spending your anniversary without your husband. really, thank you, it really means a lot." or something a lot less eloquent than that.

she looked at me like i had lost it. she waved her hand as if it was no big thing, and just smiled warmly back at me. it was a sacrifice, but something she wouldn't have wanted to miss. and then i was whisked off to make my rounds, talking to the many other guests.

i watched as sue danced with her sisters, and laughed and joked and loved. they were the only adults who even ventured onto the dance floor that night, i think. and they radiated love and adoration for each other. i wished so much i had a sister.

i lamented over not getting to spend more time with them that day. it was the first time i met sue and cindy and we were so busy, i hardly even got to speak to them.

but i am so glad i got the meet her that day. and i am so glad that matthew and i can share our anniversary with sue and keith.

2 months ago, sue got sick. keith devoted his life for two months to her care. he loved her, and he cared for her, and he looked after her. and as her time was drawing to an end; he just continued to love her, and hold her, and care for her. her siblings awed over the care of their sister, and how blessed they all were, knowing that keith was there to love and take care of sue. this weekend, as she drew her last breathe, he was by her side. loving her. holding her. i can scarcely breathe when i see the picture of it in my mind. the love, the adoration, the dedication, the faith, it renders me speechless, and breathless, and awestruck.

matthew and i are so lucky to share our day with sue and keith. and i hope that in many years to come, matthew and i remember to love and care for each other like keith did for sue. i hope that we don't forget what a gift love is, and how fleeting it all can be.

and every year when june 22nd approaches, we will celebrate our love, and we will be so grateful, and we will pray for many more years to come. but we will also remember aunt sue. we will remember sue and keith, and their love. and we will be remember how blessed we are.


  1. yes.


    thank you for sharing the story of the wedding. i didn't know you shared an anniversary - you'll always remember. that's so cool.

    stephie, who is praying for all of you.

  2. Melinda,
    This is beautiful.

    My favorite part is the detail you remember about Sue waving her hand.

    I didn't notice until the last two months that she waves her hands when she talks.

    That is uncanny that you picked it up and it added so much to this story.

    About two weeks ago Sue said, with a wave around her head, "My brain tumor is as big as Lake Michigan."

  3. What a wonderful day to share with someone. What a beautiful picture of marriage and love. Prayers abounding for everyone.

  4. Melinda,
    I'm a big fan of your MIL's blog and stumbled across yours through hers. I'm truly sorry to hear about your families loss. Even though you met her one time it does not take away the hurt anymore then the next person, I know from experience. Praying for your whole family; may time make it easier but not take the memories you hold. Take Care.

  5. Thinking of you and the whole family; I am sure Sue will be dearly missed by all that loved her.

  6. Melinda,
    What a beautiful tribute to Sue...and what a great thing it is to share her anniversary.
    I've been praying and will continue to pray for all the loving ripples of the Glyman family.
    from the Quiet Life Comment Section

  7. Axelle the french reader14:35

    Dear Melinda Sue, as Brooke and DI, I'm a big fan of Donna's blog.
    What happens is terrible. Sickness is always unfair. She seems so young to endure all that.
    I'm friendly in your thoughts.

  8. thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts. it is amazing the greif and pain you can feel even when you know someone so little. i hurt for donna, whom i love, and for matthew. it breaks my heart to think about keith and the boys. my own life is so blanketed by grief by someone i hardly knew, who was still very much my family. thank you for your encouragement and prayers!

  9. Melinda Sue, sending prayers for you and Matt, as well as your whole family. Your tribute to Aunt Sue is just beautiful and Keith sounds so wonderful. How sweet that you two were married on their Anniversary.

  10. Oh Melinda, I have been praying for Sue and your entire family since I first heard this news. What a beautiful story for you to share with all of us. I can't even imagine how much this meant to Donna, Janet and all of their other siblings. Thank you so much for sharing!


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