today is friday...

and i have nothing to say...

my heart is heavy, my mind is full...

and quite frankly, i feel bloated. but i think it is baby, not bloat. i may feel like that for the next 5 months.

the only thing i have to tell you, is that i made these bars from last night. and... i don't usually care for lemon flavored things, but i saw the picture and instantly wanted to eat the whole pan. so i made them, and they were quick and easy and heavenly.

i hope you all have a restfull, relaxing weekend with the people you love.


  1. I saw those bars and instantly wanted them too. But I've decided to wait to make them when I have a reason to make I don't eat them all by myself...cause I totally would and then I'd regret it after the fact and then weigh in @ WW would not go well. :)

  2. courtney, i ate 1 and took the rest to work, where i ate 1 more... but no one has to know. ;)

  3. It's baby for sure! Talk to Jenn about her pioneer woman chocolate cake she made. She said something about having a cupcake hangover!!


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