plumber's crack...

matthew and i's washing machine isn't draining properly. the drain pipe overflows even if we do a small load. the plumber can not come to look at it until tomorrow... and i have been out of clean skivies for 2 days. i will be doing some laundry in the bath tub tonight i think. at least one outfit. it is a must.

the plumber says they will be here sometime between 8-12. 8? and 12? are you kidding me... that is a four hour time span. half my work day. i convinced them to call me before they come, so i can leave work, a working girl can't just take 4 hours off work for no reason. i find it hard to believe that in this day and age the plumbing company can't pinpoint a time slot closer that 4 hours. they must have two time slots they tell people. before lunch, and after lunch. come on now... i find that just very hard to believe. i demand a change. yah... like my opinion means anything.

hopefully after 4 tomorrow we will have a washing machine working properly, and i can clean some clothes. my 1 pair of maternity work pants have not been washed since i bought them... and i have one pair of work pants. enough said.

yesterday matthew says to me... "your face looks skinny." i laughed, because the rest of me is feeling pretty fat. i am quickly growing out of my clothes, and my ice water is not tasting as good as it did a few weeks ago. i would die for a coke slurpee. but maybe my trying to eat better and take care of baby b is helping myself too. maybe just maybe.

i have my 2nd doctor appointment on friday, and i have a lot of questions this time... the first appointment i was like a bumbling fool, shaking and stuttering and unsure. but i've had a few weeks to get used to the shocking news, and this baby growing inside me. but i need to remember to write down my questions, because this baby also seems to be taking all my brain power. i will never remember on my own accord.

in another few days, our baby will be able to hear. that is amazing to me. this tiny, inches long baby inside of me, will soon be able to hear our voices. hear our voices, and matthews far too loud clap while he is watching sports. hear music, and me singing in the shower. hear matthew and i laughing at each other, or while watching the soup. and this is getting more real day by day.


  1. sounds like you've been reading, "what to expect when you're expecting."

    i didn't know you were out of skivies - you could've come over and used our washer. this offer i'm sure would've been much better a week ago. my timing is impeccable.

  2. Axelle the french reader06:18

    Hello Melinda Sue and thank you for your explanation about Blts !!
    The story with the plumber (le plombier, en fran├žais) and the 8-12 is very funny, because it's exactly the same in France !! For everything !! You buy a table and they have to take it to your home ? Between 8 and 12 ( 13 and 18, it depends !!), we have to be free for them !
    But I was convinced it was only in France and I was very angry with this system. Because even if we work less than americans, we work too !! ;-))
    Sometimes, in France, they come BEFORE the hour they told you. So, you're not at home, so they go away and when you call to have explanations, they tell you that you were not at home, and that's all !
    Anyway, very good news for your baby ! I understand all the quetsions you have to ask to your doctor !! If you're not sick, pregnancy is a wonderful time that you already share with your baby.

  3. Sarah Anne11:47

    Do you have the Pregnancy Week by Week book? I can send it to you if you don't to borrow. I liked having something to read every week :)

  4. holly, i think i am the only pregnant person in america not reading what to expect when you're expecting... i looked at it at barnes and noble and i decided to pass...

  5. sarah, i bought pregnancy day by day, and love it. and my girlfriend just gave me pregnancy week by week to borrow.

  6. i think it's mean that lots of women lose weight in the first trimester. it's like oh sweet i'm losing weight and then suddenly woah i'm a house.

    i've heard good things about the book baby wise. my sister in law swore by it.

  7. MS....

    I forgot what I was going to say. But couldn't read without at least saying hi. And telling you that I'm praying for you and that stinkin' baby every morning. I wish I had kept all of my maternity clothes to give you! Yoga pants. Guys, in life, it's all about yoga pants.

    Both of my pregnancies caused me to think long and hard about what I ate and drank, so I cute back on my diet cokes.... to one a day. :) the dr. was sweet about it and it kept me un-nauseous. OH, one more trick I learned - not rocket science - but prenatal vitamins made me SO sick to my stomach - I ate a piece of toast before bed, then took the pill and fell asleep as fast as possible. That way I didn't know if I was nauseous. :)

    More soon. You're on my brain and in my <3.


  8. baby. baby. baby. baby.

    happy. happy. happy. happy.

  9. 8 to 12 drives me crazy! I am married to an MD, and I once asked the plumber's scheduling clerk what she would do if she called her Drs. office and they said, "we'll see you sometime between 8 and 12"? She went on to complain about the last time she saw the Dr. having to wait in his waiting room for 45 minutes...I was like..."Yeah? Was that a problem?"


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