monday monday monday...

my mind has been busy, my heart has been heavy, my eyes have been tired and teary...

but matthew, and myself, and baby b, are just fine and dandy. we are all healthy and happy and secure. there is a lot going out in our lives beyond our front door, beyond ourselves, and if you want to pray for us... you can. and in praying for us, you will be praying for all the people in our lives who are struggling and need your prayer.

i am glad to announce that today, i was not so so tired. when i came home from work, i didn't just lay down for a 10 or 15 minute, or 2 hour nap. i cleaned the kitchen. top to bottom. left to right. and then i made dinner. and then i sat downstairs and read... without falling asleep. and now, i am watching philadelphia (we love tom hanks)... and i am not falling asleep. this. is. progress. people.

in other announcements i have eaten approxomitely 42 blt's in the last week. i think i have found my pregnancy weakness. for a minute i thought it was chicken nuggets... but now, thinking about chicken nuggets, i feel nothing. but a blt... be still my soul. i think i will eat one for breakfast in the morning. the breakfast of champions.

and i am wondering... what did you crave when you were pregnant? on a daily basis, and the weirdest thing you craved. i have craved nothing out of the ordinary to this point. just chicken nuggets and blts. but i am remembering my beutiful cousin who could only keep down a big mac, and who once told me she wanted to eat cocoa puffs with cut up hot dogs in it. and i am thinking, like... whoa... totally sick. but i am afraid those days may be coming for me...

today i was having a serious monday. i mean the kind of monday they write songs about. the worst monday. ever. and i thought of a story that instantly made my day better... isn't it funny how one tiny little story can do that to you. and since i can write about whatever i want on this blog, i'm going to share it with you.

when i was almost 8 years old, my parents packed all their belongings in a yellow ryder truck and stuffed my chicken poxed butt in the truck and moved us across the country. dad was planning on going back to school, and we unloaded our stuff into my aunt and uncles basement and moved into my grandparents basement. i thought this was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. i would get to play with my cousins kevin and april everyday. and i did. we played kickball in the backyard in our nightgowns and pink sponge hair curlers, well kevin didn't, but april and i did. jesse was young still... he went to bed before we did. april and i became fast friends, and kevin quickly became my biggest protector. it was perfection for an almost 8 year old.

one day april and i were playing in the basement. on my bunk bed i think. the top bunk of course. we were playing barbies, and joking around, and changing our barbies and brushing their hair, and trying to decide who's turn it was to play with ken. as we were playing i slipped a red plastic barbie heel into my mouth. i was holding it there, suctioning it and unsuctioning it to my tongue. we were gabbing on and on and laughing and playing... and then suddenly... something happened. i swallowed that barbie shoe. but i didn't swallow it all the way down... it was stuck. i was choking. i jumped straight off that top bunk and began running up the stairs screaming... "mommy mommy i'm going to die, i swallowed a barbie shoe!" i was a little dramatic as an 8 year old. that has faded out by this point in my life. mostly. kind of. not really. as i ran up the stairs, mom and grandma were frantically scurrying, they heard my terrified screams and thought something must be seriously wrong. as i continued screaming, my mom kind of giggled and rushed me to the bathroom... where she promptly made me rid my throat of the clogged barbie shoe. i didn't die like i thought i would... but i was certainly not digging that barbie shoe out of the toilet. so long little red barbie shoe... your match was probably lost a long time ago anyway... april teases me about that to this day. but people. i really thought i might die. i thought i was choking. i thought it was over. and i was only 8. but i didn't die, and i turned out okay.

and today, thinking about that silly little story and that silly little barbie shoe, and how dramatic that day was for me in my 8 year old life, made me giggle, and it made my manic monday a little less manic. and it made me laugh for the rest of the day.

and monday is over, and tuesday is on it's way... and i am so excited that the biggest loser is back. and i can not wait to watch the premier of parenthood tomorrow. we love the movie, and are thrilled to see if the tv show adds up. we hope it does. tuesday, will be a much better day.

the movie

the show


  1. April22:35

    I have always craved different things with each pregnancy. First pregnancy I craved anything mexican. Hotter and spicier the better!!
    My second pregnancy it was egg rolls dipped in cottage cheese-yeah don't ask.
    My last pregnancy it was meat. Anything made from some animal. Which was weird-I have never been much of a meat eater.
    First two babies were girls-last one was a boy.

  2. root beer floats and mcnuggets! nothing weird though, as i'm not a fan of mixing foods and you know i hate condiments.

    great story about choking on a barbie shoe. my dad saved chad's life once pulling over the car to give him the Heimlich on a fireball.

    is it pathetic that i look forward to days based on tv schedules? tuesday night is the best. and i also have two hours of american idol.

    also, april, come over to my blog while you're out here in cyberspace. i know i'm not your favorite cousin, or even a real one, but i'd like to feel included just the same.

    ok, that's it - five pages later.

  3. I hope the family situation isn't bad. I see Donna is still away from her blog. Prayers for all...

    I craved differenet things with each pregnancy. The ones that stand out in my mind were cottage cheese with one, turkey sandwiches with another, white rice with salt and butter with yet another (I have 7 kiddos!)

  4. "i was a little dramatic as an 8 year old. that has faded out by this point in my life. mostly. kind of. not really."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not at all, Sis! I am glad you are that way, make life more interesting!

  5. Sarah Anne13:06

    Ice cream. Always ice cream. And grilled cheese sandwiches with Elizabeth. And Burger King double cheeseburgers with Elizabeth :) Nothing too weird!

  6. In the third trimester of my pregnancy I craved vanilla, soft-serve ice cream, which was odd because it was not something I was ever a big fan of, and also I was due in January, so it was cold out!

  7. Axelle the french reader14:41

    Hello Melinda Sue. What it means "blts" ?? What frustrating !! I don't even know what you're eating !! ;-))
    My two pregancies had one common point ... I wasn't a human anymore : I was just a HUGE stomach !
    No brain, no heart : A mouth and a stomach !
    I was thinking to eat ALL THE DAY ! French fries, cheeses, bread, nutella (my god, nutellaaaaaaaaaaa ...)...
    The worst thing for me : there's an illness (la toxoplasmosis) which can be very dangerous for the baby if the mother catch it, during the pregnancy. To avoid it, I didn't have the right to eat cheeses with uncooked milk and cooked pork meats... No pork sausage ... A real punishment for me ...
    So, the day I went to hospital, for giving birth, in my suitcase, the first thing I have put was a BIG pork sausage !! ...
    I was thinking to this pork sausage with delectation, with such a pleasure ... I would have ate it just AFTER the birth, I would promised !!!! ...
    And I had a C-section ... No possibility to eat other thing than soup for 4 days ...
    Each time I was opening the suitcase, there was the smell of this pork sausage that I could only watch without touching it ... ! ;-))
    The same for my 2 pregnancies !!

  8. april! hello love! can't wait to see you soon.

    holly, you ARE a real cousin... marriage or not.

    axelle, a BLT is a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich; toasted bread, mayo, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. delicious. i have really been wanting to eat some brie cheese. but brie is on that list of cheeses i am nto supposed to eat... too bad.


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