today i am leaving town. by myself. on a plane. and i am a little anxious.

matthew and i have only spent a couple nights apart in our almost 3 years of marriage... and i don't really like to be without him. i will be taking my woobie... my baby blanket, it will have to keep me company in bed this weekend. i am not kidding.

i am a nervous flier. and i hear there will be rain and snow tonight. that will make me an even more nervous flier.

but i am going to denver to see my cousins. my cousins who are closer to me than sisters. i am going to denver to see my lizzie. my best friend from childhood and beyond.

and i am ecstatic to see them all. i can't wait to hug their necks and pretend for a few days like i never left. like i never moved to a city 500 miles away, with erratic weather and no sunshine for months. like i never left them with their sweet babies, their children growing up without me hugging them everyday and watching them grow. like i never left them to live different, separate lives. we spent our whole lives together, everyday. they were my sisters in every sense, my best friends, my life. and now they are far away. and it breaks my heart. and it hurts. and i can't wait to see them.

plus... i really need a job vacation. if i had to work the full week, it is possible i would poke out my eyes, or walk out the door and never come back.

so, at 4 o'clock i will be getting on a plane, hopefully a really big really powerful plane, to take an extra long weekend away. you will probably not hear form me for awhile. but i will be back to blog world on monday.

pray for matthew home by himself. he doesn't really like to be by himself. he has shared a room with someone nearly his whole life. pray for my safety, and peace, and that baby doesn't hate flying (i am afraid this could be an interesting flight. anyone know if ti is safe to take dramamine when you're pregnant?) pray that i have a relaxing and refreshing vacation at my home...


  1. there's no reason to be nervous its a 45 minute flight!

  2. Axelle the french reader14:52

    I understand your feeling, Melinda Sue, belive me !! I took plane 4 times in my life (because when you go somewhere, you're a litlle bit obliged to COME BACK !!...So, in fact, it's 2 flying trips !)and it will stay a very not pleasant memory at all.
    To say the truth, for the second trip, I took some medecines to make me stay calm. And it was just one hour of fly. Each little rumor I hear in the plane is a danger ... Why the hostess go to sit ?? There is a problem ??...etc ...
    That's the reasons why I know I will never come in your beautiful country (while it's my DREAM), because I know I will unable to take plane for more than 5 hours !!!...
    Well, I will think of you deeply and I'm sure EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE !
    Have a wonderful moment with your cousins !

  3. have fun on your trip and give april my love. i would say steve will call matt to hang out, but men w/o their women rarely make plans together, it seems.

  4. traveling mercies melinda!!
    may you come home refreshed!!!


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