high in the sky...

the sun is shinning, birds are chirping, i am still waiting for the trees to start to bud.

i used to think fall was my favorite season, but after this winter, i have never felt more alive by the creeping in of spring. the sunshine and the warmth and everything coming to life again... it brings life to me again.

this year is different, this year, spring may be my favorite season.

especially since fall will be filled with poopy diapers, spit up, loss of sleep, not showering, and trying to lose weight. it will also hold whispers of promises, hope, joy, laughter and tears... and several weeks off work... who wouldn't love several weeks off work? and i may feel alive. but i may also feel dead.

this spring holds promises of a future, promises of new life. promises of sunshine and warmth and hope. and perhaps it is not just the sun and the warmth and the color returning that is making me feel alive. perhaps it is this growing baby inside of me, that leaves me full of fear and so full of joy, that is making me feel alive. perhaps it is both the sun and the baby. perhaps it's the lack of sleep.

whatever it is... this spring is refreshing, invigorating, exciting, new, and alive. and i will embrace every moment of this spring... before the summer comes and i am drenched in sweat, and as huge as a boat, and hoping the end is near. today, this season... i will glow, i will enjoy, i will live.


  1. I wish for you as much delight and pure joy that I felt with all of my babies. Who cares about diapers and no showers ...loving baby was all the world to me.
    Wait til you see how huge the love you feel for babyboo

  2. perhaps it's the peanut buster parfait!

  3. donna, i know i will love it, and i know it will be so hard to go back to work...

    holly, chances are.


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