liar, liar, pants on fire...

matthew and melinda
june 2008

matthew is a very bad liar. really really bad. he can't keep a secret, i will guess it every time. he couldn't ever live a secret life... there would be no way he could maintain the lie. and i think this is a very good attribute to have. i hate being lied to. it is the worst possible thing you could ever do to me. lie to me.

that being said... i am a much better liar than my husband. i can stretch the truth, especially when it comes to things like... how much i spent on a clearance rack shirt. i always round money down instead of up. it's shameful really.

our valentines day was spent the way we like to spend our time the best. at home in our sweats. we woke up and decided to not get dressed. we decided to just hung, just the two of us. that is how we love to spend our weekends, and with a baby on the way, those weekends may soon be a thing of the past. we ordered chinese food, and watched tv, and matthew even gave up sitting in his recliner, and came and sat by me on the old sinking couch. we sat and cuddled, and watched a movie.

the invention of lying. we wanted to see this movie when it came out, but we rarely go to the theatre anymore... it's just too darn expensive, and matthew always insists on buying popcorn, taking the cost through the roof. so, we wait for netflix.

we liked this movie very much. it is in modern times america, where no one is able to tell a lie. everyone has to tell the truth all the time. no one can be flattering and uplifting to a person if they don't mean it; and no one can make up fictional stories, movies and novels don't exist. this makes for some hilarious lines. retirement homes have labels like "a sad place for hopeless old people". advertising is tricky when you can't stretch the truth as evidenced by a coke commercial early in the film. claiming it is basically just brown sugar water, and aids in obesity, but it's famous so you should keep buying it. as a coke lover, i found this hilarious. in a world where no one can lie, the main character invents lying one day when he is in a tight spot. since no one knows what lying is, they believe him without question. and he uses this to advance his own life. he falls in love with a girl who refuses to marry him even though she loves him because she doesn't want "little fat kids with snub noses". he remains the only person in the land who can lie, and realizes it is not always the great, and in the end wins the girl. we liked the movie, and thought it was witty and smart and original. most people do not agree with us, it did not do well, and had terrible reviews... we liked it just the same.

our valentines day was spent doing what other people may loathe to do... staying in the house, in sweats, watching a movie that others hated. and we loved every minute of it. the house, the alone time, the movie, and of course the sweats. it was our ideal day, and a great way to spend our last valentines day as a couple with no children. no going out, and getting dressed up, no fancy restaurants, no roses, no chocolates, no exchange of gifts, just us. i would venture to say it may be our best valentines day to date, with many many more to come.


  1. I've been wanting to see that, we'll have to get that on the Netflix

  2. 1. it's next on my netflix
    2. patrick always wants popcorn too! and with tickets being on average 10 bucks each i get annoyed. plus he always puts tons of salt on it. gross.

  3. All that dressing up and alone time comes back, though. And since you have lots of family, you have built in babysitters.

  4. Axelle the french reader14:47

    Dear Melinda,
    you're totally right ! La Saint Valentin devrait être exactement ainsi pour tous les amoureux : pluôt que des cadeaux ou du chocolat, profiter des meilleurs moments ensembles.

    The transaltion is under, but try to transale it alone, before ;-))

    Valentine's day should be exactly this way for all lovers : more than gifts or chocolate, to take care of marvellous moments together ...
    Ok, I suppose it is a strange transaltion, but I keep trying, I keep trying!

  5. M - save some money to go to a couple of movies while you're pregnant. once that baby comes, it will be a H-E-C-K of a long time before you see the inside of a theater again!


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