twins separated...

matthew and i have been watching teen mom on mtv. we watched 16 and pregnant when it was on. they picked some of the girls and followed them a little longer, documenting their lives in small sections.

farrah lives in council bluffs, ia (look at a map, omaha and council bluffs are practically the same city. everything she does, she does in omaha, and we like to see the places she goes.

we especially like catelynn. when catelynn got pregnant, she and her boyfriend tyler decided they could not be the parents they knew she deserved. they chose to give their daughter up for adoption. we liked them from the beginning in 16 and pregnant. they are always so sweet and encouraging to one another, and have helped each other get through the hardest time in their lives. giving your child up for adoption is one of the most brave and selfless acts in life. they are a very special kind of parent, and i have nothing but respect and admiration for them both. they did it with such strength and grace. we like to watch their lives, and how they are moving on and growing up. plus, my dream job (aside form being a mom and a writer form home) would be to be an adoption agent. i can not think of anything i would like to do more. and we get to see some of that too.

it also turns out that matthew and tyler may be twins separated at birth, and by about 10 years. every time we watch the shoe tyler is wearing a piece of clothing that matthew owns. his puma jacket, his tennis shoes... it seems matthew and this 17 year old boy have very similar tastes. and that makes us giggle. we always say how we are more like teenagers than we are adults. i still feel the exact same as i do when i was a senior in high school. it appears, that we are more like teenagers than adults in nearly every aspect. and matthew and tyler might become best friends if they are given the chance.

i do not think we are quite the demographics mtv is trying to appeal to. i don't assume many closer to 30 than 20 something, married couples watch teen mom. but we watch, and we enjoy. maybe we can relate a little to these youngsters. maybe that is weird that we can.

it may mean we are growing old. but it also means, we are still young at heart. we may still be foolish, and petty, and confused, at times... but we are not growing up.

The Jack Pine Stretched Canvas Print
The Jack Pine
Tom Thomson

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."
Chili Davis

"Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children."
George Bernard Shaw

"I was wrong to grow older. Pity. I was so happy as a child."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942, translated from French by Lewis Galantière


  1. Did you see Farrah's PA in 16 and Pregnant? That is Becky Wherbein, Chad's(Zach's boss) wife. We're the same. I'm not growing up. If anything I act more like a middle schooler than anything! Ha. What's the point? :)

  2. adoption has been the gift of my life.... i was adopted at 7 days old, and i have 2 adopted sons. there is not a more selfless decision to make for a child than to know that there are others better equipped. i am profoundly grateful to have been placed exactly where i was placed, and profoundly grateful to the Lord for my 2 little guys whose lives would have been FAR different if their birth moms had made different decisions. thanks for telling the story about the 2 kids who made such an awesome decision!!


  3. we like maci. i didnt picture matthew to be such a wangsta. i've never seen him wear a giant belt buckle with words in it.

  4. You have to feel bad for that one chick with that fat boyfriend who bought her a ring at Wal Mart. Farrah has a chance to not end up on welfare but only because her parents do everything. I'm glad Maci is dumping that fool boyfriend. I understand it would be hard to be an 18 year old boy and have a kid, but doesn't have to be such a tool about it. And with Catelynn isn't it funny how the only ones who have been able to maintain their relationship is the couple who gave their baby up for adoption? Imagine that...

  5. patrick,

    i think catelynn and tyler are in the minority, i don't know anyone who had the baby daddy beside them in full support as they gave the baby away, and it hurt him as much as it did her.

    i love how hard maci tried to make it work with d-bag boyfriend. contiually saying, the most important thing to her is for her son to have a mommy and a daddy, and a little bit of work and struggle and even unhappiness on her part was worth it, for bentley to not have to share holidays for the rest of his life. that is something you don't see very often. a girl willing to put her own feelings on the back burner, these days everyone seems to just want what makes them happy and makes them feel good. and she tried so hard. he just wasnt willing to work with her.

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