sunday night...

sunday night, award season, you know where to find me. glued to the tv like a big moron. i have loved watching awards shows since i was a little girl. and i can not miss a big time awards show.

we drove to my parents for church and lunch on sunday. and i think matthew was sick of me saying, "matthew, we have to be home by 5 for the red carpet." and when i fell asleep and woke up at 4:30, i hollered, "matthew, we have to go, i have to be home by 5. why didn't you wake me up?" he just doesn't understand how cosmically important it is for me to not miss awards show night.

matthew even watched with me last night. he gave his two cents about the characters on the tv, "hey harrison, spit it out" and "no, if you guys cared that much you would cancel the show, and donate all the money it would have cost to have the dumb show." "that is idiotic. you make movies, you don't change lives" i roll my eyes and smile at him. and plead with him to not change the channel. and he doesn't. not even during the commercials.

Jennifer Morrison
this was my favorite dress of the night. simply and frilly and beautiful. she is awfully monochromatic, i would have liked it better in a different color, but i loved it. this is exactly what i wanted for my wedding dress(in ivory of course). i did not end up with a dress like this one, it was much more fussy and formal, lacy and satiny, and strapless... but if i did it again today, i would get one just like this.

Toni Collette
this was my favorite sparkle of the night. toni collette just gets better with age. she has never looked better.

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
vera farmiga had my favorite black dress. i love a good mermaid. and the flower appliques add a little somethin somethin.

Emily Blunt, John <span class=
i loved emily blunts dress. pink and pretty and drapey and frilly-ish. and i love her fiance, i have a little crush. aren't they lovely?

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

we love tom hanks round these parts. he and his wife, rita wilson are a joy and so adoring. and we liked it when julia roberts and tom hanks took jabs at nbc, while being interviewed by nbc. heheheheh... those devils.

Courteney Cox, left, and David Arquette

courtney cox gets hotter every year. i never looked like that, and she looks like that at twice my age. her and david are adorable and silly.

you want to know a secret? i would love to walk down the red carpet. just once. as a big star. posing, and smiling, and waving to the cameras. cameras flashing, reporters calling, gossip columnists whispering. yah. just once. in a regal dress and borrowed diamonds. yah, just once, or twice, maybe three times. but i don't do anything worthy of walking the red carpet.

perhaps that is one tiny reason i love watching the awards shows. i can picture myself drifting down the red carpet, matthew on my arm (adoring me and loving me and kissing my hands--this is the complete opposite of what he normally does in public, he pretends he doesn't know me), every reporter wants a chance to talk to me. they are dying to get me to spill my secrets (i should mention, in my dreams i am thin and fit and beautiful, much unlike the real world) i clasp hands with meryl streepa nd julia roberts as we walk opposite directions, drew barrymore has been wanting to meet me. i am the item of the night, and i am happy as a clam, in my element, loving every minute, soaking it all in.

then i wake up and remember i have ibs. i remember meeting new people makes me sick to my stomach. i remember i suck at small talk, and would rather not talk to people i hardly know. i remember i live in omaha, nebraska and work a fulltime job in a office with other nobodies. i remember i don't really like getting dressed up, i am more comfortable in sweats an old t-shirt and no bra. i remember i do nothing that is worthy of walking a red carpet.

but every awards show, i will watch, and dream it is me. i will look in the mirror when i am getting ready the following day, and practice my acceptance speech. and then i will laugh and run out the door because, of course, i am late for my totally unimpressive office job once again.

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


  1. You are a dreamer extraordinaire Melinda!

    I don't imagine myself in that position at all.
    I just like to see their prettiness. :o)
    I liked your dress choices.
    Especially the top one. Her boyfriend bought it for her. I'm with you. The color pulled it down.

    My sister Cindy loved the Toni Collette dress the most. She is Miss Sparklie.

  2. Did you just say that I am a nobody? WHAT?!

  3. Jennifer11:10

    Can I walk the red carpet with you?

  4. You are so beautiful. Muah.

  5. love this. our lives our bland, but at least we can still dream.

  6. jenn, of course you can, silly girl. there is no one i owuld rather have by my side. i promise if ever i walk a red carpet, you will be my date.


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