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i needed to find the title of a movie. it was driving me nuts. it was driving my mom nuts. it had been driving us nuts for years.

my mom watched the movie as a little girl...

one day when i was younger than i am today. much younger. i was home by myself and turned on amc. like most 10 year old girls do. okay, i may have been one of the rare 10 year old girls who when her parents were gone didn't turn on mtv or vh1. nope not me, i wanted classic movies. i turned on amc. did i ever mention i was kind of a weird child? because i was. freakish. still am. i embrace it. but i turned on amc, and started watching this movie.

my mother walked in at the last scene. she screeched and gasped and dropped her shopping bags. "what are you watching?!?!?!?! what is this?!?!?!? what channel is this is?!?!?!? what is this called?!?!?!? she was screaming and the words were pouring out of her mouth at such a rapid pace they did not really make sense. i just shrugged, trying to understand what i was doing wrong. "i watched this movie when i was little girl, i loved it, i have been looking for it. i can never remember what it is called." but this was before digital guides and tivo. i didn't know what it was called. and i didn't know whay she was freaking out.

for years i have been wondering what the movie was. so when trying to decide on the perfect christmas gift for my mother, i knew what i was going to get her. i was going to get her that movie. now if only i knew what the movie was called. so i decided to use yahoo answers.

here it is. my yahoo answer question.

i kept wondering why it wasn't asking me for my email or anything. turns out my husband was logged in so he could comment on some sports page, so it looks like mattb asked this silly question about an old romance movie he used to watch with his mother. that makes me giggle.

this is the first time i ever used yahoo answers, but what did i have to lose? and i think little miss Marilyn B may have had my answer. and i don't know how she figured it out through my hazy 16 year old memory of the movie. here is what i asked...

"I need to find this old movie, i do not know the title.?

my mom and i have been searching for this movie forever. she watched it when she was young, and we caught it on tv once when i was young...

i think it is from the 50s or 60s. it is about a lady who keeps falling in love with and marrying rich men, and soon after they get married the men die. it goes on and on, man after man, until the end of the movie when she falls in love with a poor man, and what do you know? he doesn't die, and they live happily ever after. there is a scene when she is with one of the rich men and they are in a tub shaped like a champagne glass.

i thought i remembered it being named "a touch of mink"... but any searches for this title brings up "the touch of mink" (cary grant, doris day) and that is not the movie i am looking for."

brilliant. i especially like the period followed by the question mark in my title. hello? unbelievable that i actually graduated high school, i know.

plus, i don't even know if this is even a close description of the movie... i haven't seen it since i was 10.

but lovely miss Marilyn B, somehow figured out what i was looking for.

What a Way to Go!

it has been added to the top movie in my netflix queue, and if i ever remember to put my current dvd's back into the mailbox, i will see if she is right.

if she is, my life's mission will be accomplished. i will have nothing left to live for. but my mom will have a shockingly good christmas gift. it will be worth it, i think.


  1. that's weird your mom couldn't remember a movie with such a loaded cast. you would think if you could have remembered at least paul newman you could've narrowed it down.

  2. Guess what? I know this movie because I love Gene Kelly!

    I'm so glad you found your answer.
    Your mom is going to be delighted!!!

  3. my mom only saw it a handful of times when she was a little girl, like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. i only saw it once when i was 10.

    when i saw the cast of the suggested movie i was shocked... how did i not remember a single person in the movie?

    that is the purpose of yahoo answer... i saw some girl asking the question "what is that one movie with dorthy and the tin man?" you can ask questions that you should know the answer to.

    i don't know if this is really the movie i think it is, but i will watch it and see if marilyn b is right.

  4. Anonymous10:28

    That is so exciting! I can't wait to read about your mom's reaction. Only, does she read your blog? Cuz that will ruin the surprise!

    I'm cracking up about the tin man question.


  5. denise,

    my mom does not read my blog. hopefully she doesnt change her routine and start reading it today.

    i laughed and laughed about that wizard of oz question, but somebody probably laughed and laughed about my dumb question too...

  6. I think this is the right movie. The poor husband at the end is Dick Van Dyke--and they strike oil and she's heart-sick that they'll be rich again.

    Have fun watching it. Shirley McClain
    is great in it.


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