okay, so it is not precisely 5:oopm central standard time, but i am rarely punctual. and i have a winner... the winner is amanda!

amanda does not have a blog, but if she did, it would be insightful and fun, and you all would want to read it. so amanda... when are you going to start blogging? amanda is in her first year at college, and was one of the yahoos we took with us on our mission trip to mexico in 2008. she is one of the most beautiful people i have ever known, inside and out. she glows the love of Jesus. when i grow up i want to be just like her.

congratulations amanda! WOO HOO! email me or text me or call me and i will send you whichever cd you desire. switchfoot or jj heller... they both are great. watch the youtube video samples you most likely skipped over yesterday, and tell me which one you want.


  1. Amanda20:10

    MELINDA! I am so stoked! Ha. I am so bad at making decisions. umm I asked some of the other girls and they said JJ Heller and I agreed. So, Melinda I would love that CD. Early Merry Christmas to me! I love ya melinda. Can't wait to see you!
    P.S. Melinda you know me well. I did skip over them yesterday. Ha.


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