when the dog bites...

when the dog bites
when the bee stings
when i'm feeling sad
i simply remember my favorite things
and then i don't feel so bad...

i have got some more favorite things to share. don't you wish i was like oprah and gave away my favorite things? i wish i was oprah and had the resources to give away hundred of my favorite things... but i'm not... so sorry. you will just get to look at pictures and wish i was rich so i could share.

my first favorite thing of the day...

"don't worry i'm not going to get all religious on you, that's my brother stephen." alec baldwin on tonights saturday night live special. the funniest thing i have heard all night, followed by my favorite saturday night live skit ever... but i won't link it. i will spare my grandma, who might read this, and subsequently forget to sleep becuase she is too busy praying for my soul... but boy is it ever hilarious.

bailyes irsh cream milk shakes.

Bailey's Irish Cream photo
we drove through sonic the other night to buy a hot fudge shake so we could mix it with some baileys. oh.my.goodness. you must try it. if you are into that sort of thing.

moleskine notebooks



pentel rsvp pens.





i want to live in anthropologie.

the eiffel tower anything.


i am sorry, but this dress makes me wish i was a size 8 more than any other dress i have ever seen. the eiffel tower makes my heart sing.

pw's steak bites.

pw's flank steak.

pw's anything really. if i have made it, i have had loved it.



it is my favorite game. it has been since i was little. these cards look a little different than my old school ones. i love to play games.

mexican train.

stephen and holly taught us this game. i could play it every day. and i win. i like to play games that i win.

american girl dolls.



i always wanted one. i never had one. i would still like one actually. i loved molly. she was around the same age as my grandma. and as a nerdy glasses wearer, i liked her nerdy glasses.

brie cheese.


i crave brie cheese. heavenly. i will take it smeared on a fresh french baguette. yuuummmm...

any cheese... i love cheese... it does not love me.



i love everything about starbucks, and wish i could go there everyday.

now, tell me... what are some of your favorite things? what makes your skirt fly up? what makes you glad you were born? i want to know... i might just have a surprise for one lucky person who comments before 11:59 pm december 19, 2009.

and happy friday!


  1. One of my favorite things?

    Glistening Schweaty Balls. And Martha Stewart's Topless Christmas. And Mary Catherine accompanied by Laverne.


  2. stephie,

    i think we may be soul mates.

  3. Have you seen this at Anthropologie : http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=973856&navAction=jump&search=true&parentid=SEARCH_RESULTS

    If the link doesn't work it's my favorite book, Jane Eyre, cloth bound in a beautiful cover. Love it! And it's probably one of the cheapest things on their site. There's other classics for sale too. I want them all!

    I also love Starbucks, which for years I've affectionately called Bucky's. I only go about once a month now because of lack of funds.

    I love anything beachy.

    I also love PW's recipes. I don't have her cookbook yet, but we make Marboro Man's second favorite sandwich a couple times a month.


  4. I'm definitley a PW groupie, too! Check her food blog constantly. Love baking and eating... Love a good sushi roll... Love my new pair of skinny jeans from American Eagle... I actually feel skinny in them! :) Jason body wash. Chai tea lattes... is that enough? :)

  5. My favorite things are girls and music.

    Just kidding! That is what you thought I should say isn't it?

    My favorite things are being with family and friends, food (anything really), and my kitty Allegra. She is so wild.

    I also enjoy some television...Thursday nights on NBC...Gossip Girl (a very guilty pleasure)...and any kind of documentary having to do with social habits of humans...LOVE THOSE!

    All in all...I like a variety of things...not the least of which are girls and music. Bye.

  6. If we're going to talk about food, I think we should talk about french fries. I am such an unfortunate french fry lover. I love french fries. They are my doom. But I love my doom.

    I was a big fan of Caribou Coffee until I got pregnant last year and had to cut out the caffeine. They make decaffeinated "coolers" (frappes) but I suspect they still have caffeine in them, because my heart races a little. In a bad way. Starbucks is now my coffee salvation, because they have "coffee-less" frappes (oh my love double chocolate chip frappacino). I can still tell myself its coffee because it's Starbucks, but it doesn't hurt the breastmilk. (Anything that doesn't hurt the breastmilk is good, because I have the fussiest baby ever. Ever.)

    And if we're going to talk about favorite things, let's throw babies in there. I love babies. And kids. It's a continual toss-up over who is cuter, my 4 yr old boy or my 5 month old girl, and in the end it's a wash. They're both just too frickin' adorable.

    I have not tried any of PW's recipes, but I really want to try her chocolate cake. And her apple dumplins. A lot of her entrees seem a bit on the spicy side. Harping back to the breastmilk, anything spicy is bad for the baby and therefore bad for the family. This is doubly unfortunate because on my husband's list of favorite things is chips & salsa at the local Mexican restaurant, and mama and baby and salsa don't get along.

    This is a long comment on your blog, so I will end it now. I like coming here and reading what you have to say, and I like your pictures... but I would also love to see more "real" pictures.. of your world. You & your hubby and your house, etc. It's always fun to personalize things a bit more.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. PW's chocolate cake has salvaged my reputation many times. I'm not a great cook, certainly no kind of baker. But I can make her sheet cake with the best of 'em!!

    I didn't even TELL you about how I feel about Uno and Bailey's. If I did, we'd have to get in the car in our respective cities and meet halfway. :) are you guys coming up anytime over Christmas?


    ps - do you remember the SNL with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera [I think] and Celine Dion? "Christmas is when we Christians forgive the Jews for killing our Lord'. Oh man. we still roar about that one. The other one from my youth was We Wish You A Merry Christmas sung by Tonto, Tarzan and.... Frankenstein. It hurts me to even remember it. SO funny.

  8. tonight feels like a night for mexican train and more of those baileys shakes. can't beat it. wish you didn't have other things in your life to tend to besides us right about now...

  9. I think we're long-lost sisters. I could completely copy all of your favorite things, and add to the list: Sephora bubble bath/shampoo/body wash in Cinnamon Bun, watching chic-flicks, peppermint Chapstick, Creme Brulee', books that make me cry, books that make me laugh, books that make me cry AND laugh, my Longaberger travel mugs, fondue, getting to stay in bed a little longer in the morning....so many things!

  10. gina18:39

    Oh no! I'm late -

    LOVE starbucks, moleskin notebooks and brie...
    Got some Bailey's chocolates today - weren't my thing:
    My faves-
    -new notebooks and pens :)
    -the new elizabeth gilbert book (it hasn't even come out yet - but I am anxiously awaiting it :)
    -LL Bean polartec socks and long flannel nightgowns....

    I hope you get some of your favorite things for Christmas!!!!!

  11. gina18:41

    Gosh -
    If anyone wants those chocolates - I'll be happy to send you a whole bunch :)

  12. denise, i saw those books when i was there the other day. i want the whole collection of them. i will take one of every book they have. the are darling.

  13. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for an Eiffel tower dress. I work for American Girl and would be more than happy to use my discount for you to get you a Molly. I grew up with Molly. What a wonderful character!!! Email me emilatte.Marie@gmail.com


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