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christmas is over, and new years in upon us. this hardly seems possible.

we are having our first party at our new house new years day. whenever i scratch something off the to do list, i add two more.

this makes my husband a little on edge. not me, i am cool as a cucumber. i know what will need to get done, will get done. and what does not get done, wont hinder the fun. our marriage may be in turmoil for the rest of the week... friday, party day all will be well again. this is our life, i'm just keepin it real here folks.

a mixture of my poor christmas planning and about 27.8 feet of snow have kept me away from blog world longer than i ever want to be.

thursday, after cleaning up the wet soggy mess of laundry room, and soaked through basement carpet (we have a leaky faucet attaching the washing machine hose, i am afraid we will have to have the whole faucet replaced, but fear of a giant bill has kept me from calling the plumber... i like to stay in denial... my growing laundry pile will not allow me to continue this ideal denial situation for much longer). anyway, after mopping up the floor, and strategically placing a bucket, we headed to my parents for christmas.

it had been raining and then freezing and then raining and then freezing for the last 30 hours. the snow was already falling, the wind was blowing at about 50 mph. and the 40 mile drive to my parents was treacherous. there was about a 158 "please Jesus..." 76 "why are we driving here again?" a handful of fearful tears and screams, and my husband repeatedly calling our ford ranger "the drift buster" we almost died, i almost wished i was dead, we almost spent christmas by ourselves in a ditch.

we spent the next 3 days snowed in. snowed in, in swedeburg, ne. we lost power for several hours. it was cold and windy and ice and snowy. but it was family, me and matthew, mom and dad, jesse, and my brother form another mother, clarence. we played games, we ate far too much, and i made my first christmas dinner. it was delicious, and not ready until 9 pm. some might call that a disaster... but we had nothing better to do, leaving the house was impossible. we couldn't get out of swedeburg til sunday, and the 40 mile drive took nearly an hour and a half. an hour and a half of closed roads, snow drifts, black ice, cars in the ditch, and great action from "the drift buster"

usually i tell matthew exactly what i want for christmas, sometimes i even buy it for myself. its easier for both of us. he has anxiety about buying gifts for people. this year we are buying a new tv, so we decided not to buy each other gifts. at the last minute i backed out of that agreement and decided he needed one present under the tree. that put matthew on the spot. this year, he had to pick out one little present to stick under the tree for me. and he did a wonderful job. he got me these beauties... he heard me talking about them one day, he actually listened to me when i was talking about books, and shopping, and things i wanted. he got me pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility, jane eyre, and great expectations. i would love the whole collection. it was thoughtful, and loving, and a great gift. he spent far more than i told him to, but it was really the best gift he has ever bought me. and i was so grateful, i am so blessed.

when i was a little girl we had this picture of jesus with little children hanging in our house. it had been there as long as i can remember, and remained there for most of my life. when my parents moved from colorado to nebraska, they threw it away. right along with our sega genesis, atari, and intellivision. jesse and i were both furious. how could they throw away these things that had been around for our entire childhood. for christmas my parents got jesse and i that same picture we had hung on the wall at the bottom of our stairs our whole life.
Let the Children Come Unto Me
By Richard Hook

and i put it right where it belongs; on the wall, at the bottom of our stairs.

if only they replace our atari and intellivision next year, everything will be right in the world again.


  1. after you guys left on wed, steve said, "what could matt have got melinda?" and i said it must have been from barnes.

  2. Maybe we should ask for a Sega Genesis...Maybe I should ask for it for my birthday? I think so.


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