linkedy do da...

linkedy do da, linkedy yay, my oh my what a wonderful day, plenty of sucnshine headed my way, linkedy do day, linkedy yay, mr bluebird on my shoulder... sorry. i'll stop.

before i forget... i have got to get this out...

there are 3 things i feel the immediate need to link.

1. teri mccarthy. read this first, and than this. (it's a two-parter) and if you still want more... read this. i had the pleasure of meeting teri during my 3 months in romania. she and her husband were directors of sorts over our good friends, and fellow missionary newbies, jon and kacee. she came to visit jon and kacee at the same time my team was really going through a rough patch in our ministry and relationships. she was a light. she made me laugh and laugh, and she made me believe, and she made me feel like i was worth something. she gave me encouragement and faith and the strength i needed to finish the race strong. we all loved her immediately and felt like she must be our guardian angel and soul mate all wrapped into one. i was thinking about teri a little while ago, and google searched her, and i found her blog... and i quickly remembered why i loved her so.

2. 3 peanuts. read this now. i stumbled across this blog, and more specifically this post, and i am not really sure how, or why, or what i was searching that brought me to it. but, go read this story. i read this at work... ahem... i mean at home on my own private time and my own private computer, and i cried and cried. i think my coworkers must have thought i had completely lost it. such a beautiful story about the day she first saw the face of her new baby girl. and you really must read it.

3. this is my friend holly. she also happens to be my cousins wife. i have written about her before. plenty of times. like here. but you need to read this post. she posted it while i was on thanksgiving vacation, and because i was on vacation, i didn't link it. so i will link it now. here. 3 times. holly is not just a very talented writer (really, really, very gifted. the kind of writer i wish i could be.) she is a great friend, and a great wife, and one of the strongest most selfless mothers in the world. and you can read about it in her words, here. thank you for your friendship, holly. see you friday night for our usual board games, wine, and avoiding sports.

and i want to know...

1. what are 3 blogs you read regularly?
2. if you could be an expert blogger on any one topic, what topic would it be?
3. are there any blogs you wish you wrote yourself, or wish you contributed to?
4. link your blog... i want to read it, man.

don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. i will draw a winner at 5pm cst friday.

happy friday folks! lets hear it for friday! woot woot.

i will look for your answers and blog links in the comments.


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    Oh...I think you know mine, but it is :)


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