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okay... so i will have a real post coming this evening.

until then...
i have had some complaints about my font and background being hard to read by some. and i don't want to make your lives hard... that is not what i am all about.

so i changed it.

tell me if this is better, or worse, or the same, or if you think i have completely lost my mind. actually, don't tell me if you think i have completely lost my mind, i like to remain in the dark on these issues.

i really really really really wish i knew how to create my own blog templates. but i don't. so, i snag free ones... and i love this one, i would love it more without the pink bows on the side... but again, i don't know how to make my own, so i can live with the bows. if anyone wants to teach me how to create my own templates, i am willing to learn. i think it might take a week of intensive on site training and teaching, i am kind of an idiot on the computer... but i could learn. and i could pay you... in no bake cookies.

which leads me to an interesting discussion... is it no bakes... or unbaked... this debate has been going on for about a century in our family, but a conclusion has yet to be reached. i tend to believe they are no bake cookies, since it is a scientific impossibility to un-bake a cookie. and, yes, the above request to keep your mouth shut if you think i have completely lost my mind is an active request... dark, completely dark, i want to remain in the dark.

happy monday ya'll...


  1. MS - this is MUCH easier to read. Love it! The bows, while not my favorites either, make me laugh. Keep 'em. :)

    Your debate is like the one that rages in our family... Past tense of Blow Dry.

    I blew dry my hair?
    I blow dried my hair?

    I think it's the second, because blow dry acts as the FULL verb, it's not two separate thoughts....

    And btw, they're totally no-bakes. Science dictates it for sure.


  2. Jennifer11:02

    No bake of course! I'm on my way over to make some with you right now! ...I wish! Love you!

  3. jennifer... come bake cookies with me soon. i miss you.

  4. steph, i think i say "i blew my hair dry" which sounds idiotic. i blow dried my hair sounds right to me.

    ahhhh... i need to take an english class i'd say.

  5. Anonymous12:02

    Melinda Sue -- thank you thank you thank you -- love the new template -- it is much easier for these tired eyes to read!

    You are the best!!!

  6. Def easier to read, although, I didn't have too many problems before. And, as for the bows, for some reason I can't see them. Maybe they got the hint that you weren't fond of them and they left.

  7. Anonymous16:16

    no bake
    blow dried

    it's not my favorite

  8. I think the Carters are the ones that call them "unbakes" which of course doesn't make any sense. It's in situations like these when I wish I had kept my old last name, or hyphenated. No, hyphenating is worse. At least I'll always have my blogger URL.


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