age, pimples, and a 5x3...

yesterday, as you know, was my birthday... and i was feeling rather old. like a real adult.

a real adult who is closer to 30 than she is 20, with a house payment, and a million chores, and big girl job. a real adult who is starting to recognize creases and wrinkles in her skin, and whose skin doesn't retain moisture nearly as well as it used to. a grown adult, who can no longer just throw her hair back, slap on some sweats, and look cute and fashionably sloppy. a grown adult who now, does not only have to eat well to lose weight, but has to eat well to not gain weight.

a grown adult who has a weekend babysitting job, and whom God occasionally lavishes a huge painful, under the surface pimple, just to remind her, she isn't nearly as old as she thinks she is. and i think God laughs... i think He finds it painfully funny to watch me writhe in pain, and squirm at the unsightly red bump the size of my index finger under the surface of my skin right in my nose crease.

but it worked, i realize i am much more of an adolescent than my 26 years may show i am. i whine when i don't get my way (heck, i whine when i do get my way). i think i deserve to be treated like a princess on my birthday (and most other days). i make extra money babysitting, cleaning, doing odd jobs. i love pink, i love barbies, i love toys every kind. i make big deals about nothing, and i often get my feelings hurt by nothing in particular. and i get under the surface pimples that threaten to ruin my life...

so really... really, i am not that old at all. really i am just an oversized, overpaid, 13 year old girl confused about life, and love, and faith. and that makes 26 not seem nearly so old... heck by the time i'm 50 maybe i will have grown into a nice responsible real adult. i said maybe.

and just because i am curious... let's play a game. answer these 5 questions, with 3 answers. a 5x3, if you will... (i'll answer in the comments)

1. what are 3 of your favorite words?
2. what are 3 of your least favorite words?
3. what are 3 words you commonly misspell?
4. what are 3 words (or phrases) you do not really know the meaning of?
5. what are 3 words (or phrases) you use most often?


  1. 1. noodle, patience, blessed

    2. panties, ointment, creamy

    3. occasionally, disappointment, grateful (i had to look these up to see how they are really spelled... phonics failed me)

    4. i am all knowing, nothing escapes me...

    5. "matthew"(usually said in a whiney voice), "i am such an idiot", "CRAP". hey, i am just being honest here.

  2. I am so happy you are back.

    1. lovely, happy, sunny
    2. phlegm, fart, cancer
    3. calander, restaurant, challange
    4. ?
    5. Encourage one another, I forgot, I love you.

  3. 1. joy, albeit, Jesus

    2. disappointed, mediocre, cancer (I second Miz Booshay’s answer, it’s a terrible word).

    3. Repiar, definate, Indainapolis

    4. I don’t really have an answer for this but I found a cool website - It has all kinds of phrases like, “Clean your finger before you point at my spots." - Ben Franklin

    5. Seriously?, Bless Your Heart, I love you

  4. I can't wait to tell Weslea that she has a birthday fun is that?! I hope your day was super-special. :)

  5. 1. Twirl, joy, cherish

    2. Nausea, crusty, rupture

    3. Spontaneity, coliseum (not double l), perseverance

    4. "Lamesauce", or "awesomesauce", for that matter. I don't get why it's cool to say them...

    5. "Aw, cute!" (always in a high-pitched voice, not sure why), "'Tis true", and also "CRAP"

  6. 1. suburbia, ellipses, freakshow

    2. anywho, "I could care less," corps

    3. coincidence, conniving, masseuse

    4. all the words in "a mighty heart." (i didn't make it past the first 50 pages

    5. &$@!, @$!&, $&@!

  7. Anonymous14:06

    1. Integrity, serendipity, peace
    2. The Queen Mother of all Swears, hate, vomit
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. I love you, Thank you, Please


  8. 1. Love, joy, HOPE.
    2. panties, moist, avarice
    3. believe it or not, i can't think of any. i have spelling trophies from my youth. :)
    4. hmm.... i'll think about this one. i know there are many..
    5. totally, tough rocks, suck it up. [i sound so MEAN!]

  9. 1. what are 3 of your favorite words?
    dawn, lilac, sunshine
    2. what are 3 of your least favorite words?
    hate, mucus, suck
    3. what are 3 words you commonly misspell?
    embarrass, rhythm, dessert
    4. what are 3 words (or phrases) you do not really know the meaning of?
    peripatetic, solipsistic, avuncular
    5. what are 3 words (or phrases) you use most often?
    Hold yourself to a higher standard, I am all right right now (said to myself when I'm under stress), Stop it! (said way too often to the kids when they're fighting...)

  10. Margie13:40

    1. God, Family, Friendship
    2. Hate, Can't, Judgement
    3. Anything with an ie or ei in it...Grief, Niece, Belief
    4. The list is long but I can't think of them now...always thought I was good at what means what til I met my hubby...he actually ASKS the meaning of something if he doesn't know it...wierdo...did I spell that right? LOL
    5. Holy Frijoles (in place of Oh my goodness) Oh really? Hmmm (means I didn't really hear what was said) and the all time most irritating thing I say waaaayyyy too much is "I'm Sorry" makes my hubby nutso :D


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