male pattern baldness...

my dad is bald. really really bald. he started balding in college. several years ago he bit the bullet and just shaved the whole head bald, now he looks like mr clean. or so he thinks.

my grandpa (my mom's dad) is bald. he has been bald as long as i have known him. i love his bald little freckled head. that bald little head is my favorite place to kiss him hello, or goodbye, or i love you.

baldness never struck me as strange, or ugly, or an embarrassment. it was more a sign of accomplishment, leadership, honor. when i hear men worried about their thinning hair lines, i just shrug, and wonder why it demasculates them so. it doesn't seem that bad to me. lots of important men in my life are bald-headed, and they are special just the same. it doesn't change the way my dad preaches, in fact it gives him some good jokes. it doesn't change the intimidation of my grandpa's voice, or make his eyes sparkle any less. it doesn't change the way they love me, or teach me. it doesn't change their work ethic, or their desire to provide. it doesn't change they way they lead a family, or live in faith. it does not change their love for sports, or how they yell at the tv. it doesn't change a single thing about them... it does give them something to pick on each other about, and something with which to laugh at themselves.

i never understood why men were so concerned with balding, and why so many dreaded the day their hair began falling out. why they approached that day with fear, and loathing.

that is until i moved to europe. because when i moved to europe, i started losing my hair. in fist fulls. gobs and gobs of hair. i wont describe to you the hair in the shower drain, cause that might make you sick, and then scare you away forever... but... you have no idea.

i used to have very thick hair. i could barely fit a hair tie around my pony tail two times, i would snap them trying to fit it around my lovely, thick mane. people were always commenting, oh my gosh you have so much hair. the lady who cut my hair form 2nd-12th grade would have to razor and thin, and razor and thin, and razor and thin, for a style to lay how it was supposed to.

those days have long passed. i can now fit a hair tie around my pony about 6 times. seriously. no one comments about all my gorgeous hair. the girl who cuts my hair has to use gobs and gobs of products, volumizing shampoo, and teasing for a style to lay how it is supposed to.

and it all started in europe; glorious, beautiful, life changing europe. my hair just started falling out. i thought it must be the water... because of my healthier eating and exercise i was dropping pounds like crazy, my nails were as strong as steel, and my skin had cleared to a beautiful glow. but my hair... oh my beautiful thick dark brown hair, had turned brassy and orange, and was falling out. i assumed it would stop at some point... when i got back to normal clean american water. it did not.

now i crack jokes about the visibility of my scalp, and the male pattern baldness i suffer from... but this is no joking matter. people, my hair is falling out! in fist fulls! and it has been for 5 years! if this continues i will be as bald headed as my dad or grandpa in no time.

and while i love those bald headed men, and i wouldn't change them if i could, i don't want to join their ranks. i don't want a coffee mug that states with pride "just another sexy bald guy" and i don't think my husband particularly wants to kiss my bald little head hello, goodbye, or i love you.

and i am starting to recognize that fear and loathing that i hear voiced from men everywhere. i hear ya, and i am with ya, man...


  1. You always look so pretty to me.
    I never notice that your hair is thinish.

    I will hold out hope for you M. :o)

  2. you are too sweet donna... thank you.

  3. have you had your thyroid tested?

  4. shelby,

    they check it every time. they say my thyroid levels are normal, and then apparently forget the fact that i am still losing my hair, and would like to know why.

  5. Thyroid was my first guess, too. I am hypothyroid and can tell when my thyroid dies a little more because I shed like a German shepherd in June.

    You might try allergy testing, as well. Just when my thyroid got uunder control again, I became allergic to something that seems to be in a lot of shampoos. There goes more hair...

    Your sister in balding, Geph. :)

  6. thyroid thyroid thyroid. they must be wrong. after my first pregnancy i lost so much hair that it was scary... i knew that they postpartum hair thing was common, but surely not like this -- checked the thyroid, it was way off. been on synthroid ever since.. but now, after 2nd pregnancy, the hair continues to fall out and it's been nearly a year. i'm going in next week to have the levels tested - AGAIN. i'm tired of having to brush my hair before the shower... tired of not being able to leave my hair down because i leave long black hair in my wake... and, most of the hair loss is from around the hairline. and is growing back. so i now have inch long ridiculous curls sticking out all the way around my head even though the rest of my hair is a foot long.



  7. Hello everyone,

    My name is Taheerah, I am a holistic nutritionist. For Melinda Sue (and all of the ladies on the board), I hope that your hair loss ceases and regrowth starts very soon! Melinda and Steph, I wanted to address the two of you in particular, because I believe that I could help you. Melinda, most thyroid blood tests are not entirely accurate because someone could have a low thyroid that is within the "normal" limits, but it is low enough to trigger hypo-thyroid symptoms, such as hair loss. Most docs are quick to say it's normal because the numbers aren't ABNORMALLY low. Also, once the blood is drawn if it isn't tested with 15-20 min, it starts to oxidize and this messes with the numbers. I suggest that you go to a naturopath to have your levels checked. In addition to your thyroid, you may have other issues compounding your hair loss such adrenal fatigue.

    Steph, I know that you said you are on the thyroid drug and you are still losing hair. DId your doc tell you that a side effect of this drug is hair loss? I suggest that you also go to a naturopath to have your levels tested and to make sure that you do not have any other underlying issues. Please feel free to visit my website and if you want, feel free to schedule an appt with me. I hope that this helps!

    Taheerah Barney, HHC

  8. I recently started losing my hair 2 years ago mainly at the crown of the head. I never did try to any herbal treatments, but after further research through the internet and blogs, I decided that a herbal shampoo was the only answer. after completing first 3 months pack i found a thin lair of new hair all over my bald area. thanks to natural healing.


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