quick update...

i am still car-less. my car is still in police possession. they won't release it. they have not charged all involved suspects, and they can't release until they do.

i am annoyed. to say the least.

so tomorrow i will pick up a rental. and whisper profanities in my head to the police, the sheriff, the county attorney, and mostly to the shop that left my keys in my ignition. i will yell and scream and get angry in my head, and in person be far too be nice.

i save all my anger and frustration for my husband. how backward is that? how unfair is that? how terrible of a wife am i? don't answer that. i already know the answer. i don't need you to tell me.

i fell off the wagon last week. hard. really hard. i still managed to not gain a pound, and i think that is a miracle from a God who knows i couldn't handle one more piece of disappointment or frustration this week. i really fear next week. i will have to work extra hard this week. and i am already off to a terrible start. oh, Lord grant me the patience, the determination, and the drive this week. i can not do it alone.

this week i am watching:
cake boss. on tlc
anthony bourdain. on travel
the brew crew. okay, i don't really watch that as much as i whine about having to watch that.

this week i am reading:
stephanie plum novels by janet evanovich
a piece of cake by cupcake brown

this week i am dieting.

this week i am NOT spending money.

this week i am trying to shine where i am.

this week i am going to bed early.

this week i will be thankful.

what are you doing this week?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your car being under house arrest. What do they think you are suppose to do??

    Be mean to the right people. It feels rather nice.

    This week.
    I will count calories.
    Drink water.
    Prime and Paint.
    Arrange play dates for Katie.
    Watch So you think you can dance.
    And...be thankful.

    Love you!


  2. i hope you like that book by cupcake brown (what a stupid name, by the way).

    this week i am:

    painting my bathroom (and tearing down that scarecrow wall paper)

    reading "Great Expectations"

    getting my hair cut and dyed

    getting back on the exercise wagon

  3. holly, i like to paint. call me if you want or need help! cupcake brown has got to be a fake name right?

    donna, i would like to know what they think i am supposed to do?!?! i wish i were the suing type.

  4. As my friend Amy J told me.

    Get on the phone with the police/ car shoppe/ your insurance co. and do not get off the phone until they resolve it.

    In the least the car shoppe should be paying for your rental.

  5. Hmm, you could get a nice, comfy lawn chair...a few cold drinks in a cooler...and a big sign that says, "THESE PEOPLE LET A DRUNK STEAL MY CAR!" Then you go sit and have a nice day on the sidewalk in front of the shop. Take a book to read, too, so you don't get bored. :)

    This week I am:
    ...securing a loan to cover the contractors that will remove the asbestos ceilings from our house, plus all the materials we will need to texture and paint everything when they leave.
    ...packing everything upstairs in boxes.
    ...calling the vet because one of our cats has mysteriously decided that poop belongs on the rug.
    ...ferrying my kiddos to and from VBS and praying for sanity for the leaders in this crazy heatwave.
    ...eating freezerburned tater tots for supper.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your car..."annoyed" is such a mild word to describe how you must be feeling! I hope everything gets worked out soon.

    This week I am:
    *going to make myself get back to jogging my 2-mile daily jog (I've been so bad!)
    *going to cook several homemade meals for my family (I hate cooking)
    *going to finish cleaning my basement (yay - it's almost done!)
    *I will call the hotel in Columbus where we are going to stay for my brother's wedding. I keep forgetting.
    *play the piano just for the fun of it!

    That would make it a very good week indeed. :)


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