the lost will be found...

i lose things.

there i said it.

i lose important things.

all the time.




my camera.


fresh bought hairspray.

my head.

i have done it my whole life.

when i was younger i would lose money, or my wallet (or billfold. whichever you prefer, since i never have one that actually "folds" my bills i choose to call it a wallet. and now to finish my sentence...) every time i went shopping. i would walk into a store, set my wallet down to pay for my clearance rack shirt, and walk away without my wallet. or i would leave a 20$ sitting on the counter, or drop it in the toilet. the amount of money i have lost in my life is almost laughable. now that we are saving money so we can buy a house, i think about all the dollars i lost. if only i had those now, we could buy a house today.

sometimes i get into bed, turn out the light, and just as i start to drift off to sleep remember some important thing in my life that i haven't seen in a long while. jewelry, a lost bill i realize i forgot to pay, my checkbook, that check my brother wrote me 3 weeks ago and i never deposited, my favorite stuffed animal from childhood--mutsy the dog. whatever it is, i can not sleep until i find it. or at least completely destroy every inch of my house looking for it.

and i keep thinking at some point, in some year, i will stop losing things. i always excused it as hormonal adolescent brain fog. i am 25. i am not 13 anymore. and now, now, i have no excuse. there is no excuse for losing your camera for 5 months and finally finding it in an empty shoe box in your closet. there is no excuse for losing earrings you wear everyday. one day, when you go to put them on, they have just disappeared into thin air, never to be found again. there is no excuse to losing your camera again. this time your aunt finding it underneath her kitchen table. at least i can't lose money anymore. because i never carry it. money and i are on a debit card only basis.

and i know someday when i have kids, i will lose their things. and i will be the brain dead mom who can't keep track of her kids school papers, or clean socks. and i will be just like my grandma who can never seem to find her keys. in fact, i think i already am like my grandma, i guess i always have been.

maybe God did this to me for laughing at my poor grandma everyday while she searched the house high and low for her keys.

or maybe its in my blood.

or maybe, maybe i am just a spaz.


  1. I think we have one of your earrings.
    But I can't remember where I put it.

  2. Oh Melinda...I don't lose things, but I do forget things very easily. I forget to stop and get gas, even when I see the needle on empty. I forget to stop and pick up a gallon of milk even as I drive by the store. I forget what I was going to ask someone even as I am staring them in the face and then I have to call the person at a later date when I remember what it was. I hate it!

  3. This week I lost my keys and the paint pad. I was in a rage about both, ranting that some little elf was living in our house stealing my things and making me look like a flake who loses things. My keys were in my purse. The paint pad was under the paint pan.

  4. donna, that is funny.

    robin, i do that do, i am an all around spaz.

    holly, i think the elves put them back where they belonged just to fool with you.

  5. also, we have your camera. it was at luke and melanie's. they gave it to us tonight to give you tomorrow.

  6. I lose things all the time too. I feel scared to death sometimes that it is some sort of pre-Alzheimers thing... Let's hope not or we are both in trouble!


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