it's raining cats and dogs...
Clinique Cheron, c.1905 by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen

matthew got me a little kitty for my birthday in 2006. she was a farm cat. she was a sassy farm cat. a very sassy farm cat.

i said i wanted a kitty, and on my birthday there was a litter box bed and food dish waiting for me. he said the little kitty would be coming from a friend of his, who was home on his farm in south dakota for the weekend. that boy had that tiny little sweet kitty closed up in a cardboard box when we picked her up. he said she had a little cold. and he wasn't kidding.

for the next couple of months that silly tiny little kitty sneezed on everything. and when she sneezed she flung serious amount of kitty snot all over. all over everything. i mean ALL OVER. my brother started calling her booger. the name stuck. her real name is allegra.

i thought she must be dying. i just knew she wouldn't make it more than a few months. i finally gave it up and decided i would take her to the vet. he could tell me she was so weak, and would never make it. i was ready for it. instead he said she had a cold and needed some antibiotic. 2 weeks later she was good as new. oh. weird. she's not dying. i was so sure she was.

she became the sassiest cat in town. she liked to play. and she plays rough. she hissed and scratched at everyone. she would also come sit on your lap, and purr and vibrate so load you thought she might take off into flight. she was a lover caught in the body of a fighter. and we liked her. we liked her at night, when she was sleeping and cuddling the best.
Menage a Trois Cat by Stephen Huneck

when matthew and i moved, we left her with my brother, and they were a perfect pair. they needed each other. she is less sassy than she used to be. my brother is not. he is still as sassy can be. she never got very big, i would say she is at least 1/2 the size of a normal cat. she weighs less than 4 pounds. she has strange markings on her fur. she is mostly grey, but the has a big splotch of orange on her side. it looks like someone threw bleach on her. i wonder if they did. her ears are too big for her body and she has the blackest nose you ever did see. her whiskers are enormous. they belong on a cat 3 times her size.

jesse just moved back into my parents, where matthew and i have been for several months. he brought with him this sassy little cat.

my parents have a chocolate lab. she is the sweetest dog in the world. she loves nothing more than attention from people. and being hugged and loved. they have had her since my freshman year of college. she thinks she is a lap dog. she weighs about 75 pounds. she is not a lap dog. but it doesn't stop her from trying.

mocha has a bum leg. and she is more docile than she used to be. she used to chase anything with legs, and bring them back as a prize for us. she used to run and run and run. 5 years ago she had 15 puppies. she was never the same. nursing 15 puppies will leave you drained forever.

mocha stays outside most of the time, matthew and i let her in more than we should. we feel bad for her out there. she deserves to be inside with us. rubbing her face all over matthew's side of the bed, making it smell worse than it already does.

oh how i wish you could see this cat and dog in the house. allegra, being the sassy cat that she is makes herself as big as she can, and stares that poor nice old dog down. ans mocha is generally afraid of her. she whines and cries and will not make eye contact with that sassy little cat. in fact she does not like being in the same room with that sassy little cat. that poor nice old dog will avoid that cat, like her death stares carry laser beams that will bore a whole in her head and kill her on instant contact. allegra knows this. so she will wait until mocha has made it upstairs to our room, then she will balance herself on the top of the banister and glare. mocha is trapped. she will not go anywhere near those stairs, and thus the cat has won.

the sassy cat lives on.

i am curious.

do you prefer dogs or cats?
do you have pets?
what pet do you wish you had, and don't?
what was your childhood pet?
what is your favorite pet name?


  1. Your post reminds me of "Homeward Bound," but maybe that's because i think that cat's name was Sassy. Steve loves that movie. I hope he doesn't read this, because he won't be pleased that I am blabbing about his sensitive side on the internet.

    I love dogs. I have always been afraid of cats because of cats like your's. They scare me. They always seem to be cooking up some evil scheme while my dog just wants to lick my face and later a bone. I still want a chocolate lab, too, as a follow up to the conversation at the BBQ.

  2. I like them both. When they are not sassy.

    Yes. One sassy cat.

    I wish we had a great, sweet, obedient dog.



  3. holly,

    you don't have to be worried about showing stephens sensetive side to me. he used to want to "be maria" when we watched the sound of music. and yes we really did claim parts while we watched that movie. and while we are at it, ask him sometime about the "bible game".

    get a lab. you will love it.

  4. donna,

    matthew says you and i have somthing in us that creates sassy animals.

    i am praying someday we will have a normal pet. a nice obedient loving dog that does not shed. :)

  5. All our cats are mentally deranged. I had one cat, Wayne, who would find things of mine when he was mad and chew through them. Our first Christmas, that cat chewed through four light strings. While they were on. Now I have a cat who, after eight fairly eneventful years, had decided that the catbox is the only place poop does NOT belong. She is going to be a furry little rug if she does not ment her ways, pronto.

    Mr. MG is a dog person and Ree's basset, Charlie, makes him pine. But I know that the mama of the house always ends up taking care of the dog, so I am holding fast. For now.

  6. Lori in MN15:39

    we have dogs

    we would need allegra for an allegra

    we have Etta (english springer spaniel) that is 14 years old

    and mabel the 60 pound golden retriever that sheds

    but we love our dogs so much and can't imagine our house without them

  7. lori, matthew wants a golden retriever very bad. as the one who would clean up the shed hair, i am reluctant about a golden.


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