an onslaught of pictures...

here he is. my husband matthew. he does not like this picture. i love it. it looks like him. we were camping down by the river... we were dirty, and sunburned, and hot. i think he looks rugged. and he is almost smiling. he rarely smiles.

i declared my love for him in the sand. he was not amused. i took a picture of it.

this is the inside of one of two tulips that bloomed in our yard this year. i am an amateur photographer. really, really, amateur. in fact, i just found my camera again. it had been missing. for four months. i found it in a shoe box. don't ask.

this is my FAVORITE picture i have ever taken. i have been playing with the macro setting on my point and shoot. i have to shoot in macro to get a blurry background. i don't know much about photography, but i know i like a blurry background. i know to get a blurry background with my point and shoot i have to shoot in macro. i am practicing.

next lesson, ISO. my camera's auto ISO setting doesn't shoot how i want it to. some pictures are too bright, some are too dark, none are just right. but i have not figured out the manual setting quite yet. look, i have little tiny bokeh back there. i don't really like this flower, i really like this bokeh. this is my first bokeh. i don't know how i did it, it was an accident, but i like it.

hello there little flower. i love the rocking chair on the porch. i would like to rock on this chair all morning. but i have to go to work.

same tulip... different picture. the colors are exquisite. i focused on the wrong point. but i like it. i love it. i want some more of it.

i used to like looking at other people's pictures. but then i thought. i bet i can take pictures.

so i tried. and you know what. i like taking pictures.

i will continue to try. i will never be a pro.

but maybe... just maybe... maybe i can get good enough that i can convince that lovely husband of mine to buy me a big fancy camera.

for now, the answer is no. his answer is always no. i will have to try harder. he doesn't give in easily. i don't give up easily. hang on now... we're in for a bumpy ride.


  1. Oh! You figured it out. I do not use blogspot photo upload so I don't how to do it. I use Flickr to get my html code.

    I am so glad you are learning to use your camera.
    You have a great eye!!! And learning to use those little buttons is going to be key to doing what you want!

    I do not have a macro lens...your camera does a GREAT job with the macro!

    You are doing great.
    Keep learning!

    So glad you figured out how to put more than one picture up!

  2. Did you camp in a van down by the river? Just wondering. Do you get the reference? Ha ha. :D

  3. junebug, i kept thinking that when i was writing it. hahahaha...


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