not artsy nor crafty...

as one of those lame individuals with absolutely no artistic talent, and slim to no craftiness, i revel in other peoples ability. really, it amazes me. how could God lavish upon them so much talent, so much ability, and give me nothing. i wish i was crafty, i wish i was an artist. i have the heart of an artist, with no talent. i have a closet full of scrap booking materials, it thought that would be one crafty thing i could do. it seems easy enough. i didn't. it wasn't. the thought of even starting is too overwhelming for me. and so i have a closet of untouched scrap booking supplies. but oh there is nothing i love more than handmade, homemade, one of a kind expressions of art and crafts.

i love etsy. have you ever been to etsy? if not, you must go check it out now. like right now. don't hesitate. it is a fabulous site where ladies and gentlemen and kids and aliens from mars can sell their handmade goods, vintage items, and art and craft supplies. this place is spectacular.

really, i find things i want and need nearly every day on etsy. need some cute kitchen towels... look on etsy. a new purse... etsy has it. burp cloths, bed spreads, candles, dishes, a killer dress... look on etsy. fabric, buttons, jewelry, toys, a memorable gift. look on etsy. if you can't find it on etsy, you don't need to be buying it.
just look at this purse i found today.
i may not be able to go on without it.
i have a serious attraction to dress forms. and paper cutout art.
hello, where have you been all my life?

SALE Nesting Seed Bowls
i have wanted these since i first laid eyes on them.
come to mama...soon please.
just look at this precious baby quilt.
it has the eiffel tower all over it.
the eiffel tower is my favorite place on earth.
be still my heart, this blanket actually makes my womb ache.
i love this painting.
you should see all the artwork.
this ring looks exactly like one my grandma has.
turquoise always reminds me of my grandma, and weekend car rides to the commissary.
i could design a whole room around these pillows.
they are clean, and warm, and fun. they are modern but not contemporary.
you can even buy a wedding dress on etsy.
this is a lovely dress.
this is a friend of ours. she is lovely, and crafty, and bright.
go visit her on etsy today.

have something to sell? want to showcase your talent? you can do it on etsy. or if you just want to envy others talent, and spend thousands of dollars... you can do that on etsy too. but make sure you have a free afternoon. you can get lost in there for hours, days even, maybe weeks.


  1. is it bad if i am m only commenter... oh well.

    still now, drooling over that bag.

  2. I love etsy too!!!

    Didn't you buy me that darling bowl from etsy?

    I have purchased some gift tags from belle and boo or something like that.
    I like to browse the letterpress section.

    And my great Chicago Ceramics.

    Love them too.

  3. yes i did! we have bought you two gifts from etsy. both bowls.

  4. Lori in MN08:22

    I love Etsy. We did Maggie's graduation announcements from a shop on Etsy.
    Have you seen the fabrics from How about Orange? She has a blog and an Etsy. She is the niece of one of my friends and everytime she puts a new purse or bag on Etsy it is always gone by the time I am ready to buy it. When I saw your orange pillow selection it made me think of that shop.

    Your blog is great. I am just getting caught up after being on vacation.

    Have a great day.

  5. I have always been overwhelmed by etsy (I don't know where to start when I get there) but your post is making me think that I should try it out again. Beautiful finds!

  6. thanks to your blog, i have spent the last half hour on etsy, and i'm afraid quite a bit more than that after posting this comment

  7. I love etsy too!!!


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