everybody's working for the weekend...

and my weekend officially starts at 4:00pm today. and i have been working for this weekend for an entire year. that's right... it's vacation week. woo hoo! ans i am also working on about 4 hours of sleep, and a 4 shot soy latte woo hoo!

we are off to wisconsin for some cheese, beer, and brats. okay, for more than cheese, beer, and brats. but do people even know the treasures in wisconsin beyond the cheese beer and brats?

we will be enjoying cheese... from paoli cheese. it is the most darling little cheese house you ever will see. and we will be buying cheese curds. lots and lots of cheese curds.

we will be enjoying beer... from new glarus brewing co. we love spotted cow. we are hoping to go tour new glarus while we are there. we have always wanted to, and never have.

and we will be going to see the brew crew, and enjoying a brat at the field. what is better than a taking bites out of a brat, while people watching at a baseball game? i go to baseball games for the people watching, and the atmosphere. i think the game of baseball itself is kind of a bore. don't hate me, i know it is america's favorite past time. but the atmosphere, oh the atmosphere at a baseball game, i love. the people, the food, the smells, the cheering fans, the heat and sweat and sticky chairs. the sausage race. i love it.

we will make our way into the north woods for a few days of sleeping on an air mattress and not showering. matthew loves the woods and lakes of northern wisconsin, and he is so excited to share it with me. how can i not be excited, when he is so thrilled... even if i would rather be getting pedicures, shopping, and drinking mocha's. we will float in rivers and take afternoon naps, we will read books and take hikes, we will bat away gnats and mosquitos and bugs of all sorts, we will rest and breathe in fresh clean air.

we will travel to the town he grew up in, meet friends i have never met. (i don't want to talk about it, it makes me seriously sick to my stomach, and sweat beads freckle my forehead. meeting new people gives me the heebies) we will eat at mickey lu's, and drive with the windows down. he will show me what his life was before me. and he will dream of what it would be like if we lived there now. i am excited to see him in his home, where his heart is.

driving in the car with matthew is one of my favorite past times. complete and undivided attention on each other. we can talk and talk and dream, and fight a little, without interruptions or distractions. he won't be flipping between 4 sporting events, i won't be running to the computer, or begging him to change the channel. we will focus solely on each other. (and the road ahead of course) it is some of my favorite times with matthew. i treasure each moment. if we had money and could fly everywhere we would miss out on this time. so right this moment, i am glad we are poor. in a few hours when i am hoping and praying we have enough gas to make it to madison before pay day tomorrow, i may be wishing we had money. but i will remind myself about all the car ride and the joy it brings us both, and i will be glad to be where we are.

we will be wedding attending, golfing, family seeing, friend meeting, talking, camping, cheese eating, shopping, hiking, reading, writing, dreaming, and living maniacs on this vacation... and we can not wait.


  1. Enjoy the ride....
    Can not wait to see you two!!!

    What a great post!

  2. Lori in MN11:54

    ah, wisconsin, how i love thee!

    Have a great vacation.

    Visit the bakery in New Glarus for me, please. And say hello to Lynn and the boys if you see them hanging out on the front porch.

    Have fun!

  3. lori,

    i will be sure to shout out a hello from you as we drive past...

  4. Anita17:14

    Hope the weekend was everything you wanted. Especially the not running out of gas. Aren't family, friends and cheese wonderful?


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