I will be working a little, but mostly I will be trying to find a new job. The classifieds have been searched, the old resumes have been found and are about to be updated, and the actual driving the resumes to their homes of employment will not be fun considering it is still below 0. But I must find a new job. This one is barely making me money, and causing me emotional turmoil, so much that I cry nearly everyday, and hate my job, and most of the time do not even want to work, I have to make myself meet with these kids, I have to make myself answer my phone when they call. I am not doing for them what I should when I feel like this. I am not doing for them what I agreed to do for them when I was hired. But they are killing me right now, and it is just too hard for me to do anymore. I used to think this is what I wanted to do, I used to think I could do this forever, but I have realized I can not, so I will try to move on, and I know God will bring someone new to work with them, and I know that I have done what I can. And I will find a job that doesn't make me feel so bad. It is simply something I must do.


  1. Dear Melinda,

    I will be praying for you.

    I'm sorry your present job has caused your so many tears.

    Mrs. Boucher

  2. thank you for your prayers, they are appreciated very much... i know God has something in store.


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