Christmas time is here... la la la la la

Today is Wednesday, usually a day I work a full 8 hours, and usually a day I hardly see my roommate. Today, however was not a usual Wednesday. Today, my roommate called in sick to work, (which is fine since she had the puke flu yesterday) and I put in too many hours last week, so I could not put in my full 8 hour day today. So instead, we decorated! We pulled out what measly Christmas decorations we had, and we decorated the morning away, made up Christmas tunes, and laughed. A lot. While some might say our Christmas decorations look a bit hokey, and perhaps even trashy, (my opinion would be included in such remarks) I for one am glad that we did it. Christmas just isn't Christmas without decorations, the nativity scenes, the ornaments, the holly, and mistletoe. And of course that big beautiful tree whose smell brings back years of memories, and a slight nausea for some. Well, we had none of that. So we made due. We did have lights, lots of strands of lights. So, our lovely fish bathroom is now adorned with festive blue lights, and our living room has a string of colorful lights alla round it. We even fashioned a Christmas tree shape out of lights on the wall... complete with star on top, and soon to be filled with presents underneath. The few ornaments we actually had with us here, are hanging from doorknobs, and hooks and antennas. Hokey, most definitely. Trashy, yah a little bit. But what would Christmas be without a few decorations?


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