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by the way, I have a very promising job lead already, and am feeling rejuvenated and at peace over the whole situation. Tonight is Wednesday, and usually Matthew and I eat at my parents on Wednesdays and then go to help my dad at the youth group he leads. Since today is a day of differences, that is not the plan tonight. They are having a special youth rally in town tonight, so we will attend that. The youth rally has an 8 o'clock start time, much later than our usual Wednesday night gig. So, I made dinner. Yah that's right. There is a roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes waiting to be warmed up. And gravy and vegetables still to make. Soon Matthew and I will sit down with Becky and Paul, and have a home cooked meal. I only hope that this dinner will be a success. Wouldn't it just be a great ending to the day if my dinner was as big of a success as the youth rally, my job hunting, and of course my Christmas decorating.


  1. Oh I hope your dinner turned out well!!!

    Sounds very yummy.

    Matthew loves gravy!

    So happy to hear you had such a wonderful day!

    Mrs. Boucher

  2. matthew did not like my gravy... and we had to eat on the run because the snow made driving terrible, and we were cut so short on time. but it was okay... it was still a great day!

  3. Gravy is soooo hard....and I can only make enough for one meal when I make a turkey.

    And I never make gravy with a roast...I toss in a little flour in the crockpot...but it just doesn't turn out how I like it.

    Sorry you were rushed...
    I think it is the thought that counts :o)
    And I'll bet the house was warm and cozy and Christmassy

    Mrs. Boucher


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